How to Create Your Own Signature Fashion Style

Express your true self with a personalized sense of style - which should be uniquely you!

Published June 7, 2018
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Fashion is an art form and an excellent way to express yourself. It's easy to develop your own signature style once you know how. After all, you're the hero of your own life's story, so you should look the part.

Find Some Style Inspiration

The first step when creating your own fashion sense is to find some style inspiration. Use top media outlets to gather expert knowledge and information when it comes to the latest catwalk trends and fashion icons, such as:

Also, use search engines like Google and social media platforms like Pinterest to collect visuals for styling tips and advice.

Decide What You Like

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Once you've exhausted every media outlet, create an inspiration board of looks, pieces, colors, and prints that you like and could see yourself adopting into your own individualistic fashion style. Like the appearance of a certain celebrity? Put them on your board. Adore a particular fashion trend of the moment? Board. Fallen in love with a certain fabric? You know what to do.

Once your board is complete, pin it to your bedroom wall or somewhere that it's visible daily to remind you of the aesthetic you're aiming for.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Before you experiment with different options, take a moment to consider your lifestyle. For instance, that PVC skirt might look fabulous on Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, but it's not exactly practical for someone who rides the bus daily. Similarly, you might be seriously crushing on Dr. Martens combat boots, but your office requires professional-looking shoes. Have fun and try out different things, but make sure you're smart about the choices you make.

Mix and Match Different Styles

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As you're experimenting, don't be afraid to make mistakes. This is how you learn what works. Reflect your mood, but also use getting dressed every day as an opportunity to be artistic. If you feel like playing around with a multitude of hues and textures, then go right ahead! Show off your creative flair, and it won't be long before you're getting noticed for all the right reasons.

Know What Suits You

As you're experimenting, you'll soon learn what works for you and what doesn't. It's all about dressing for your body shape, figuring out which colors, patterns, and silhouettes suit, and having a blast in the process. Over time, you will naturally develop your personal fashion favorites - and that signature style becomes a bit like your own personal uniform.

Show Your Personality and Interests

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Fashion is an extension of your personality. It's one of the first things people notice when they see you. Strangers can make assumptions about you based on what you're wearing. Clashing prints? They must be quite the character. All neutrals? They probably play it safe. Smart business wear? They're likely to be intelligent with a prestigious job.

Sometimes you're judged by others before you even open your mouth, so your fashion style is a good way to show off who you really are. For example:

  • Loud and positive as a person? Reflect this by wearing colorful, complex outfits that stand out from the crowd.
  • A fan of rock bands from the 1990s? Show off your interests by wearing grunge pieces like band t-shirts, ripped jeans, and plaid shirts.

Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow.

Use the Power of Accessories

Smiling Adult Woman With Tattoo and Bandana

Accessories can pull together an entire outfit. For example:

  • A 1950s-inspired feminine look would be nothing without a cute bandana or headband to finish it off.
  • Your love of sports wouldn't be clear unless you wore a baseball cap or Converse-style sneakers.

Make sure that you use handbags, footwear, jewelry, and other accessories to help achieve your desired aesthetic.

Add Sentimental Touches

Finish your signature style with little touches completely unique to you, not just what's been inspired by blogs or celebrities. This could include wearing items of a deceased loved one to feel close to them or putting on a lace glove as an accessory just because you like the way it looks. Either way, do what feels natural when it comes to your fashion style. Be yourself. There is only one you in the world, and that is your power.

Have Fun and Be Fearless

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Creating a signature fashion style is a gradual but straightforward process. Once you've mastered your original look, all it takes is the right attitude to pull it off. Being comfortable in what you're wearing will give you confidence, and it won't be long before your style empowers you to take on the world each day.

How to Create Your Own Signature Fashion Style