How Should I Care for My Hair Before Getting a Fancy Updo?

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Many occasions can lead women to ask, "How should I care for my hair before getting a fancy updo?" Find out the best way to treat your hair before getting a style for your next formal event.

How Should I Care for My Hair Before Getting a Fancy Updo?

Updos are among the most popular choices for formal engagements, and there are hundreds of possibilities to explore. A talented hairstylist with a flair for creativity can create stunning looks that are literally the crowning detail of your ensemble. Working with a professional can be exciting and intimidating, and it begs the question, "How should I care for my hair before getting a fancy updo?"

Whether you choose to work with a professional stylist or not, caring for your locks before getting an updo style can make all the difference.

To Wash or Not to Wash

Squeaky clean hair is very appealing, but it can be difficult to work with freshly washed locks. Your hair has natural oils that condition it and keep it manageable. The natural oils can help mold an updo into place. If you choose to wash right before your salon appointment, you may find that the locks are a little dry and may have static that prevents the hairstyle from staying in place.

The salon stylist will want to work with clean, dry hair, but washing too soon before the appointment can be counterproductive. Women with thick hair may not be able to dry the hair completely before the appointment, and the moisture can make creating a lasting updo difficult since the hair's texture and volume changes as it dries.

How long before the hair appointment should you wash? The last thing you want to do is show up with a mop of hair that hasn't been washed in days. Greasy hair is no pleasure to work with, and dirty locks can be unmanageable. Some things to consider when deciding when to wash are:

  • Your hair's thickness: Thick locks take longer to dry, so it may be best to wash at least 24 hours before your appointment. Thin hair tends to dry quicker, so you may have enough drying time if you wash a few hours before your scheduled time.
  • Oily or dry hair: If your hair is oily, it may be best to wash it first thing in the morning if your appointment is in the afternoon, or right before you go to bed if you are scheduled for the morning. If your hair is dry, you may want to allow the oils to build up for about 24 hours before your hairstylist goes to work.

Should I Use Products Before the Appointment?

There is conflicting information about whether your hair should be free from products or not. Writer and licensed cosmetologist, Kendra Aarhus, suggests using moose or gel after washing to prepare your hair to prepare it to hold the style., on the other hand, suggests that you should not have any products in your hair because the stylist may have to wash it out before proceeding.

Special Considerations

It helps to consider your normal routine as well. If you wash daily and use hair products, it may be a good idea to continue this routine if it works for you. On the other hand, if you allow your hair to rest naturally without products, then this may be the best approach to use before your appointment.

It is important to be on the same page as your stylist as well. Find out whether he or she prefers working with freshly washed hair or hair washed the prior day. Your stylist should tell you if you should use mousse or gel. Following professional hair care tips is good practice, especially before special occasions.

Good Hair Care

It is also important to have healthy hair in the weeks leading up to your special event for the best style. Make sure to get regular trims every four to six weeks to prevent split ends. Minimize your use of heat styling products, and make sure to use a heat protectant spray when you do use them.

Avoid brushing your hair from the roots down to the ends to prevent the ends from splitting. Instead, start from the middle of the hair to the ends, and gradually work your way up to the roots. Split ends can be disastrous to a formal hairstyle.

Shampoo and condition with gentle products only as often as needed. Use your favorite conditioning products after washing, but make sure to rotate brands every-so-often to ensure that there is no buildup. Using a clarifying shampoo occasionally can clean away product buildup, but make sure to avoid using clarifying shampoos before getting an updo. You may also want to consider weekly deep conditioners to help keep hair healthy and strong in the weeks before getting your fancy style as well.

Whether you plan to have a Grecian updo or a classic bun, taking care of your hair should be a regular practice.

How Should I Care for My Hair Before Getting a Fancy Updo?