How to Spot a Fake Prada Bag: Key Differences

Published May 25, 2020
Woman with Prada bag

There are specific key elements you can use to learn how to spot a fake Prada bag. From the logo to the hardware, the Prada brand pays close attention to each detail of the handbag construction.

How to Spot Inconsistent Logos on Fake Prada Bags

The biggest giveaway that a Prada bag is a counterfeit is the Prada logo. You can quickly identify a fake Prada bag by examining the R in the logo name. The name Prada is written in all capital letters. The style of the logo focuses on the R. For this letter, three details stand out that counterfeit bags don't include.

First Detail of R in Prada Logo

The right leg of the R in the Prada logo is always angled outward from the rest of the letter. The best way to spot a fake Prada bag logo is when the right leg is straight. If the bag you are considering features a straight-legged R, then you know it is a fake Prada bag.

Second Detail of R in Prada Logo

Before you sigh with relief that your bag is an authentic Prada since the right leg of the R is angled out. Some counterfeiters have recognized the straight legged R is an instant giveaway, so they use an angled R.

Third Detail of R in Prada Logo

Prada features a third detail, the R in an authentic Prada logo is hinged to the rest of the body with a curved, notched-out space. If the bag you're examining doesn't have this sliver of a gap between the right leg and where it connects to the body of the letter, then the purse is a counterfeit.

Spacing of R in Prada Name Logo

Another detail you can double check is the spacing of the R within the logo name. The authentic Prada log features a small gap between the R and A. This gap is caused by the R's angled right leg.

Stylized A in Prada Logo

Another letter in the Prada logo has a distinct appearance. The letter A reveals the right leg extends past the top of the letter with an angled cap.

Make Sure Prada Logo Is Consistent

Just because the main logo features a notched angled R doesn't mean your bag passes authentication. You need to ensure the R is notched and angled outward for each logo. It is possible you run up against a clever counterfeiter who uses an imitation main logo, counting on a buyer not checking the other Prada logos.

Close-up Prada bag

Check Both Print and Engraved Prada Logos

Keeping these details in mind, you want to examine each instance of the Prada logo. Any place where the logo name Prada is engraved or printed should feature the authentic Prada logo. Be sure you check the logo on the authenticity card; if a dust bag is included with your purchase, make sure the correct Prada logo is used on each.

Prada Triangle Logo Plaque

Many bags bear the Prada triangle logo plaque. An authentic Prada bag features an inverted triangle, while some fake Prada bags use an upright triangle. You can immediately recognize a fake Prada bag when the triangle logo plaque is upright.

More Logo Tips That Indicate a Fake Prada

There are other details you can check to further authenticate your Prada bag. You want to pay close attention to the font used on the Prada logo to ensure it matches those on the Prada website.

  • The Prada triangle logo plaque is the same color as the purse. A woven wicker purse with a leather strap will feature the same leather on the triangle logo plaque.
  • Prada triangle is securely attached and not loose or angled.
  • Interior logo is featured on a rectangle metal plaque. If this logo plaque is missing or is made of cloth or plastic, the Prada bag is counterfeit.
  • Interior logo plaque features the word Milano. Counterfeiters often use the word Milan, hoping unsuspecting buyers won't notice.
  • Older Prada purses feature exterior and interior logo plaques with three lines. The logo name PRADA appears on the first line, Milano is on the second line and Made in Italy is on the third line.
  • More recent Prada bags often feature just two lines on the name logo plaque. The first is the PRADA name logo and the second line underneath it reads Made in Italy.
Black Prada leather bejeweled bag

Prada Authenticity Card

Every Prada bag contains an authenticity card tucked away in a black envelope. The envelope is embossed with the PRADA word logo.

New Prada Bags Feature Two Authenticity Cards and Serial Number

New Prada bags will typically have two certificate of authenticity cards. One is the traditional printed card that is kept by the boutique/retailer and the second one is printed on credit card plastic, complete with a magnetic scanning strip that the buyer keeps. The second card (plastic) contains all the pertinent information about your bag, such as the serial number, date of purchase, where it was purchased, and the handbag style.

Interior Lining Features

The Prada bag interior features high quality fabric or high quality leather. The fabric will feature the Prada logo pattern followed by a rope chain line. The two lines alternate, with one line being the roping chain followed by a line of the Prada logo chain. The first Prada logo chain line is printed with the words upright, but the next time the logo chain appears, it should be printed upside down and so on. This means every other Prada logo chain will be upside down.

Prada Hardware

Prada hardware features the Prada name logo. All Prada hardware is either silver or gold. The metal finish should not be cracked, chipped, discolored, or flaked. All hardware should either be silver or gold. Some Prada bags don't feature metal feet, so you can't use this as a telltale sign of authenticity.

Bag detail from the Prada bag

Zipper Brands

Prada has historically only used a handful of zipper brands. You can check the back of the zipper slider for the zipper brand name to ensure the bag is authentic. These brands include Ipi, Lampo, Opti, Riri, and YKK. It's not enough to glance at the zipper brand name, you want to be sure it is spelled correctly. The zipper pull or tag will be engraved with the Prada name logo. All zippers used in Prada bags are metal.

Quality Above All Else

The most telling signs of a fake Prada bag is the quality. You should thoroughly inspect the construction of the bag. Some things to look for include:

  • High quality of leather is always used in Prada bags.
  • A small white square tag inside your Prada bag will contain the number of the manufacturing plant. If it is missing, you can be certain the bag is counterfeit.
  • Stitching is even with the thread color matching the purse color and all seams are even and straight.

Best Way to Spot a Fake Prada Bag

The best way to spot a fake Prada bag is to know the detailing found on authentic Prada bags. You can always be assured you're purchasing a real Prada bag when buy from a legitimate authorized retailer.

How to Spot a Fake Prada Bag: Key Differences