Where to Get an Illusionist Locket of Your Own

Updated March 2, 2018
Wood illusionist lockets from Illusionistlocket.com

Have you been searching for a copy of the Illusionist locket? So have thousands of other movie fans. Luckily, there are a few different options out there, including colorful acrylic, smooth wood in a variety of tones, and even sterling silver.

The Illusionist

The 2006 movie release The Illusionist is a period piece set in 1900s Vienna. It's a tale of magic, mystery, and romance. Of all the beautiful jewelry in the film, most of the follow-up interest seems to be centered on a locket that plays a small but crucial role in reuniting the two lovers.

At first glance, it is a simple wooden rectangle, rounded at the corners and bearing the image of a butterfly painted on one side. When twisted in the middle, the locket separates on the diagonal, rotating into a heart shape. Once clicked into place, the top of the heart pivots to the side to reveal an inner compartment that holds a picture of the would-be magician for his sweetheart to remember him by.

The Catch

Here we come to the "heart" of the locket's appeal. Through the modern day magic of filmmaking, we only see one apparently working locket, but in reality, it took a bit of photographic slight-of-hand and two separate lockets to create the Illusionist locket we see on the screen. This means it's proven difficult to find this locket in real life.

Where to Buy an Illusionist Locket

You have a few options, but you probably will have to order online.

Illusionist Lockets

There's one online jewelry store that carries only this style: Illusionist Lockets. Their selection doesn't disappoint; there's not just one style to mimic the one in the movie. You can choose from wood, silver, and acrylic designs. The wood and acrylic styles come in a variety of colors and the option of having an image on the outside (butterfly, cross, Christian fish, yin-yang, music note, paw, etc). One even features a spot where you can store a loved one's ashes.

Here are a couple of options:

  • Rosewood Music Note/Dove: This is a red-toned wood that features a dove when it's in the shape of a heart and a music note when it's in its rectangular form. Prices start at about $210.00.
  • Sterling Silver (with or without a butterfly): These are made from sterling silver on a rosewood core. You'll get a polishing pad with this one since silver tends to tarnish and scratch. Within this category, you can choose from a sky blue butterfly, plain silver with no design, or an ebony locket or shiny silver locket with a 14ct gold butterfly. These start at about $270.00.
    Silver illusionist locket at illusionistlocket.com
  • Wood Lockets With Inlaid Butterfly: These can be made from eight different wood choices and can be created with your choice of sterling silver, gold, or white gold. Pricing starts at around $220.00.
    Illusionist Locket.com

These lockets are handmade and if you see one you like but want to change something about it to fit your preferences, you can email the company and ask them to make it that way. They're not inexpensive due to the time it takes to make them, the materials used, and the fact that they are handmade (and sometimes customized).

Expect to pay anywhere from just under $200.00 to just over $500.00, depending on the design you want. The plain wood locket is the least expensive while the sterling silver with gold butterfly is the most expensive. There is a clearance section where you can find a few styles marked down by about 60 percent, however.

Some of their creations are also available on Amazon.


Etsy also has some incredibly talented jewelry designers who feature illusionist lockets in their shops. Some shops to check:

  • Illusion Lockets, where you'll see lockets made from wood, brass, and silver, featuring a few different images (starting at around $180)
    illusion lockets from illusion lockets on Etsy
  • Handicrafts001, where you'll find wood designs with silver images on the exterior (starting at about $76)

Not Completely Elusive

For a long time, these lockets were next to impossible to find, much to The Illusionist fans' dismay. Now you have several styles to choose from as long as you're willing to pay at least anywhere from about $60 to over a few hundred dollars for this spectacular design.

Where to Get an Illusionist Locket of Your Own