How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

woman wearing infinity circle scarf

The right accessory can update your look and even transform your outfit. Jewelry like sassy earrings, bold necklaces, unique cocktail rings often get first dibs when it comes to accessorizing, but few accessories offer the versatility of an infinity scarf. The infinity scarf is a charming fashion statement and a fun way to dress up your look. It offers many style options to pull together your outfits and infuse a little everyday elegance into your look.

Infinity Scarf 101

The infinity scarf gets its name from being sewn as a continuous loop. Unlike a traditional cold weather scarf, it falls neatly into a ring shape around the neck. It's naturally reversible, making the styling possibilities virtually endless. These circular scarves typically range from 40 inches to as long as 82 inches. The longer the scarf, the more styling choices you have. Arianna Lazos Account Executive with New York & Company's public relations firm Paul Wilmot Communications, says "Infinity scarves are a must-have and can be styled countless ways. That's probably why they call them infinity scarves, outside of their shape."

Simple Style

If the infinity scarf is a new accessory for you, keep it simple. Remember, there's really no wrong way to wear it. Looping isn't for everyone and for some it's just too much work. There are a few no-fuss classic looks that require only a little reshaping and you're ready to go. These foolproof options work with any scarf length:

Single Loop

The easiest option is to simply let the scarf fall naturally, a look known as the single loop.

Single loop infinity scarf

Shawl Look

Depending on the length and width of your scarf, pulling it down over the shoulders can create a shawl look.

woman wearing infinity scarf as shawl

Scarf Looping Basics

While you don't have to do much to make your infinity scarf stand out, this unique accessory can shaped into numerous looks. Be adventurous and start looping it.

Double Loop

According to Lazos, "The easiest way to wear an infinity scarf if you haven't before is two simple loops around your neck with a little fluffing for styling." This look, also known as a double loop, will create a chic, casual look in no time. The double loop can even consist of one short loop (close to the neck) and one long loop. To achieve this type of double loop, Lazos points out, "the two loops shouldn't be the same size. One should come closer to your neck as the other drapes down a bit."

double loop infinity scarf

Triple Loop

If you're wearing your infinity scarf for warmth, you might add a third loop for a snug fit around the neck. This technique provides a great-looking way to keep warm on even the coldest days.

Tie the Knot

Tying knots with your scarf can add flair and interest to your look. Knots may look complicated, but it just takes a little practice and some experimentation to master this technique.

Infinity Loop Knot

The infinity loop knot is a fun look that adds an extra ounce of personality to any ensemble. If you can do the double loop, you're ready to tie the knot. To create this look, start with one short loop and one longer one. Next, tie the longer loop into a knot. Leave a small loop at the bottom and you're done.

Infinity Loop Knot


Take your outfit from simple to sassy by tying your infinity scarf into a bow. The bow creates a cute, more ornate look and draws the eye to the side of the neck. Use a medium or long length infinity scarf. Pull all of the fabric forward and down. Then start to gather the fabric to one side of your neck and loop it like you would your shoe laces. Fluff the scarf where needed to add dimension and shape the perfect bow.

High Style

Make a bold statement with your infinity scarf with more advanced styling.

Belted Scarf

Place a longer scarf around your neck and simply add a belt at the waist to make a unique fashion look.


This same scarf can easily be tied into a bolero or shrug style by pulling your arms through the circle like you would put on a jacket.


Try creating an infinity scarf twist for a truly unique look. This high fashion look starts by looping the scarf around the waist first and then creating a figure eight by looping it around the neck.

Infinity Scarf Twist


Another dramatic look can be created by draping the scarf around the neck and then pulling some of the fabric over your head.

infinity scarf pulled over head

Styling Tips

"Color and fabric are the two most important things when selecting an infinity scarf," says Lazos. Remember your scarf should be a statement. Go for color and/or texture to elevate your look. Use your scarf to transform an otherwise simple outfit to runway ready.

Seasonal Considerations

Take your scarf from winter to summer by adjusting your color palettes and texture. Think chunky knits in the winter months and choose lighter fabrics like cotton, linen and silk for the warmer months. Summer scarves can be just as fun as warmer ones.

Mix and Match

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns, colors, textures or even styles. Taking one color and carrying it through your entire outfit is a smart and chic way to pull off the mix match look. Use your scarf to add a feminine spin by pairing it with a moto jacket and skinny jeans. Add a pop of color by adding an infinity scarf to deep v-necks, simple white tees, leather jackets and dresses.

Make a Fashion Statement

Make the infinity scarf your no-fuss fashion statement. Take that outfit that has been sitting unused in your closet and breathe some life into it with an effortless scarf. Weaving the infinity scarf into your wardrobe will make you feel and look like a fashionista.

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf