Kate Spade Phone Charging Bags

Updated June 8, 2020
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A designer purse that charges your cell wirelessly sounds almost too good to be true, but it's the real deal. Everpurse teamed up with designer Kate Spade to produce these fashion-forward bags. Take a look into Kate Spade's most fashionable pieces of technology - her handbag collaboration.

Getting Started Stylishly With Kate Spade Phone Chargers

These Kate Spade phone charger handbags mainly work with iPhones 5-8+ and iPhone X. Kate Spade's "Off The Grid" collection is the exclusive crop of bags that will work with select Samsung devices.

What You Get

How exactly does this techie bag work? When you purchase one of these Kate Spade bags you will receive:

  • A charging mat
  • A cable that connects to the mat that charges the purse (This cable and adapter fit universally worldwide in all outlets.)
  • Different "sleeves" for your phone (When you upgrade your phone, just pop in a different sleeve; no need to get a whole new bag.)

How to Use the Charging Mat

After you charge your bag on the charging mat, simply slide your iPhone or Samsung (specific models/specific purses) into the charging pocket within the purse. This pocket, with its special charging sleeve, is what will power your cell when you are in church, on the beach, stuck in a meeting, out shopping, etc.

  1. Select the SmartPocket™ docking sleeve that fits your phone.
  2. Secure the empty charging sleeve into the SmartPocket™ dock.
  3. To recharge your Kate Spade bag, place your bag on the charging mat for about seven hours (or overnight).
  4. The mat light will turn green once charging is complete.
  5. This process gives your cell up to 2.5x more life throughout the day. If your phone dies, simply slip it into the special charging sleeve to recharge.

Phone Charger Purses Sell Quickly

Just a quick warning: These purses tend to sell out quickly, especially because some are sold in limited numbers. However, you may be able to find the one you desire on a resale website.

Small Harmony Tote

The Small Harmony Tote, a Kate Spade phone charger handbag, is the ideal bag to carry to and from the office. It embodies sophistication and looks great with a work suit. It's even sophisticated enough to take out for after-work drinks. Created from black Saffiano leather, the Small Harmony Tote works with all iPhones. This iPhone charging purse is regularly about $380. This design is also available in the two-tone design Nouveau Neutral/Light Shale. Another two-tone design of Porcini/Black may be able on eBay and similar websites. Some features include:

  • Zippered top
  • Two handles with a nine-inch drop length
  • Measures 9.9"h x 11.9"w x 6.2"d

Nella Wristlet Kate Spade Phone Charger

This black and off-white "Off The Grid" wristlet is another Kate Spade phone charger purse. It's compatible with select Samsung devices and was originally available for about $150 and can be found on various resale sites for around $90. Also available in all black, this charging bag is 3.34"h x 7.0"w x 1.29"d and made of nylon. Both colors feature a yellow gold exposed wrap-around zipper, giving this little guy an extra style kick. This purse also uses a charging mat and charging sleeve.

Techie Tip for the Nella Wristlet

A helpful techie tip is to buy this wristlet mainly for its wireless cell phone charging abilities and throw it into any other non-tech bag. Use it for recharging your cell and holding important small papers and cards. This way, you can tuck your Kate Spade charging wristlet into your Chanel or other bag, and not have to worry if your phone dies - because you can recharge it in your wristlet.

Frieda Tote

Another "Off The Grid" product, Kate Spade phone charger Frieda Tote is a sleek phone charging tote that originally sold for around $700 and can be found for around $400. It's constructed of black soft cowhide. This bag is 9.4"h x 13.9"w x 6.2"d and can fit a 13" laptop comfortably. The Frieda features 14kt gold plated hardware. You will find the three internal compartments helpful in keeping everything organized as well as tucking in your 13" Macbook.

Pros and Cons

Like anything else in life, there are pros and cons to this rechargeable bag line up.

The Good

  • There's no need to carry around your dirty, tangled, half-broken iPhone charger anymore.
  • The built-in charging pocket is a serious space saver.
  • Every time a new iPhone comes out, you can get an updated charging sleeve. Because of this, your Kate Spade charging purse will never become obsolete.
  • These designer bag styles are not disgraceful in price: the highest cost of one of these pieces is just under $700, and you can also find them on sale for less.

The Bad

  • With the Frieda tote, Android, and any other type of phone that is not an Apple iPhone, won't be compatible.
  • Select Samsung devices work, but only with the "Off The Grid" collection.
  • These bags are in demand and they sell out fast. They are only available via three options: Kate Spade's website, Everpurse's website, or Amazon; and each retailer only has select items. Finding a specific bag may be a tough task.
  • If you have a large case on your iPhone, you may need to get a smaller one. Larger cases will not fit in the charging sleeve.

Geek Chic

Well actually, there is nothing nerdy about these Kate Spade wireless cell phone charging bags. You would never know that hidden within these purses are high-tech compartments. Never having to worry about your cell's battery status is a pretty big deal. Consider charging problems a thing of the past.

Kate Spade Phone Charging Bags