Latest Fashions in Eyeglasses

Published March 8, 2018
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There's no denying that a pair of on-trend glasses can provide an instant style update to any look or ensemble. The latest fashions in eyeglasses are fun, fresh, and fabulous. Whether you need prescription glasses to help you with your eyesight or want to utilize frames with clear lenses as a fashion-forward accessory, there are five trends to watch out for this season.


Even though there was a surge of weaker, washed out tones recently on the catwalks, pastels show no signs of retreating. They're continuing to reign supreme in the eyewear category thanks to designers such as Kate Spade and Miu Miu confidently leading the way.

Lighter hues such as millennial pink and vanilla work better with darker skin tones and features; however, darker colors such as lavender and duck egg blue tend to suit everyone. Add a dreamy splash of ice cream shades to your outfit this spring through two-tone or singular pastel glasses frames and you're guaranteed to impress.

Woman wearing pastel colored eyeglasses


Current clothing trends are all about plastic being fantastic, and this notion seems to have translated to the eyewear category. Some designers, such as Krewe, have been producing a popular metal and acetate combination for a fair few seasons now.

However, others - like Michael Kors - are only just tapping into the trend by offering frames that are solely made from acetate. Rectangular and square shaped lenses seem to be most popular when it comes to acetate, which especially suit round or oval face shapes.

Woman wearing acetate eyeglasses

Thin Frames

There has been more of a focus recently on chunkier, heavier frames - but all that is about to change. Taking inspiration from designers such as Fendi and Balenciaga, there was a surge of proper-fitting, thinner frames in recent fashion shows. This style of frame looks more elegant and subtly stylish, especially when worn with rectangular or circular lenses.

Circular lenses tend to look particularly great with square and heart-shaped faces, whereas rectangular lenses are better suited to round face shapes.

Woman wearing thin frame eyeglasses


The aviator eyeglasses trend is fairly new in the world of fashion, as the aviator shape has just been featured in sunglasses during previous seasons. Shown on runways such as Tod's and Gucci, aviator frames feel fun and quirky for both males and females. E

Even though the aviator style is quite unique, you can wear it with every face shape and still look completely and utterly fabulous. Furthermore, if you can get your hands on some mirrored aviators, you will also tap into the futuristic fashion trend.

Woman wearing aviator eyeglasses

Bold and Black

A stark contrast to the thin frames trend, classic black specs were featured in abundance on catwalks such as Tom Ford and Chanel. With this color frame, more is definitely more. Think: the bolder, the better! This trend is particularly striking when teamed with cat eye or oversized lenses and best suited to oval and heart face shapes. Combine with an outfit full of rich hues and daring prints for a look that will stand out for all the right reasons.

Woman wearing bold black eyeglasses

Shopping for Stylish Eyeglasses

When looking for the latest fashions in eyeglasses, make sure that you shop around to find the perfect match for your face shape. It's much more important that you look and feel comfortable when it comes to eyewear; after all, eyeglasses primarily have a very important job to do. However, there are many eyeglass options already in stores reminiscent of the most popular trends that are fashionable as well as functional - and there'll be more to come!

Latest Fashions in Eyeglasses