Unisex Lower Back Tattoo Pictures

Lower Back Tats for Women and Men


The lower back is an ideal place to get a number of different tattoo designs, and there are plenty of great options that work equally well for women and men.


Easily concealed or shown off, the two halves of the back make it the perfect spot for symmetrical designs such as wings- an ideal unisex option.

Tribal Tattoo


Tribal tattoos are another great option for a symmetrical lower back tattoo. Tribal lower back tattoos are chic design choices that have unisex appeal.

Asymmetrical Tribal Tattoo


If a slight asymmetry is appealing in this area, consider an off-center tribal tattoo. Off-centering the image just slightly adds unique visual appeal to the area.


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In addition to tattoos that contain symmetry, those that define the shape of the lower back also work particularly well. Centering one image above another that follows the natural curves of the body draws the eye and helps make a statement.



The back is one of the largest, unbroken areas on the body to tattoo. That doesn't mean, however, that if you want a large tat you need to take up all the real estate. Locating a large tattoo in the lower half of the back helps to draw the eye and create a long, lean appearance.

This oversized design, in particular, has asymmetrical appeal since it starts at the base of the lower back and climbs up higher on one side.



Get creative and cryptic with your text when using it on the lower back. This hide-and-seek tattoo can keep people guessing about its meaning as they catch a glimpse.

Centered Turtle


Lower back tattoos don't have to extend our horizontally across the lower back region. This centered turtle design is a great option for women or men.



Symbols, like the Ankh, are perfect for the lower back. They follow the lines of the body beautifully, and are easy to personalize into something bigger or more meaningful.

Pride and Tradition


While the lower back might not be the most prominent area to tattoo on the body, it can be the perfect spot for a tattoo of something that gives you pride because it doesn't easily stretch or bend a tattoo out of shape. Flags, symbols or images that give you pride or recall tradition can all be displayed here.

Abstract Design

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The lower back is not an area meant to be shown off constantly, which makes it the perfect choice for a more personal piece. Create a meaningful tattoo from a piece of artwork or an abstract design that appeals to you and center it on the lower back to create a pleasing image.



The back is one of the most popular areas to get a dragon tattoo. Symmetrical or asymmetrical, your lower back gives your dragon plenty of space to spread his wings and tail.

Hobby-Related Image


You can also show off your favorite hobby - or even your profession of choice - with a lower back tattoo design. This fun DJ image is a great design feature for anyone who is passionate about music.

Yin and Yang


The lower back is a great spot to show off a tattoo that highlights a Yin and Yang design as its focal point. Pairing a Yin and Yang image with a centered Chinese symbol is a great idea for two-part lower back tattoos.



Not every tattoo that incorporates Chinese symbols includes a Yin and Yang symbol. Choose kanji (Chinese symbols) that are particularly meaningful to you for a very personal lower back design.



Roses are a great addition to a lower back design. While floral tattoos tend to appeal more to women than men, this style could work for anyone.

These are just a few of the many options for lower back tattoos. There are plenty of options for women and men, as well as styles that look great on both genders. You are only as limited as your imagination.

Unisex Lower Back Tattoo Pictures