M.A.C. Makeup Classes

Published April 10, 2018
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M.A.C Cosmetics is one of the world's leading makeup brands. It has been included in the Estee Lauder Company's portfolio since 1994 and is sold in over 105 countries today. As well as delivering over 50 collections each year, M.A.C recently started providing makeup classes for professional makeup artists and consumers alike.

M.A.C Class Options

M.A.C currently offer two types of classes. Pro classes are only available to those studying makeup or working in the industry, but there are also some options available for the general public.

M.A.C Pro Makeup Classes

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You have to buy Pro Membership to be able to attend Pro makeup classes. However, you'll only be able to buy this membership if you work in the beauty industry as one of the following professions, or similar:

  • Makeup artist
  • Aestheticians
  • Cosmetologists
  • Hairstylist
  • Fashion stylist
  • Manicurist
  • Costume designer
  • Model
  • On-air talent/performers
  • Photographer

Pros are invited to attend exclusive master classes, which are integral to the philosophy of the M.A.C culture. In these classes, you will refine and build your makeup skills by watching demonstrations on makeup application and technique theory, as well as meeting fellow industry professionals. You can visit MACPRO.COM to apply for membership online and find a class near you.

M.A.C Pro Student Events

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If you attend an eligible school or institution of makeup artistry, aesthetics, or the performing arts, you're invited to apply for the paid M.A.C Pro Student program online.

Once you have obtained your membership, you will be able to attend exclusive master classes designed to bring together the latest in makeup trends, products, and techniques. However, this will be at a basic level in comparison to the M.A.C Pro Master Classes.

It's ideal for those who want to meet like-minded students and put the theory that they've been learning at school into practice.

Makeup Lesson in 90 Minutes

This is the first of two M.A.C makeup classes that are open to the general public.

Makeup Lesson in 90 Minutes is effectively an extended one-on-one tutorial with a M.A.C artist. It works feature by feature to help you master specific tips and tricks.

The one-to-one personalization of this class means it's useful for makeup lovers at all skill levels. You can go into as much detail with your M.A.C artist as you'd like. You can also attend this type of class if you've got a special occasion or event coming up, such as a wedding, and you need assistance creating the perfect look.

You walk out of the class with a face chart to aid you in recreating the aesthetic at home, complimentary mascara, and a 20 percent product discount in store that day. Simply use the website to find a store near you that you can call to book your lesson.

M.A.C Technique in 90 Minutes

M.A.C Technique are a series of workshops for the general public led by professional M.A.C artists. They are designed to help you master your makeup by covering over 13 different topics from beauty basics to on-trend makeup.

First, you watch a demo, which is a step-by-step how-to guide on certain techniques. You then get one-on-one time with a M.A.C artist where you get to interact with the products and ask your expert anything you desire about makeup.

This class is best suited for beauty beginners or those who have only a basic knowledge of makeup; the level of detail covered in the demo isn't extensive. However, advanced makeup fanatics can still attend as they would find the one-to-one focused segment extremely beneficial.

You can either visit the M.A.C website for more details on how to book your session or download the M.A.C Technique app. This app is handy; it allows you to search your nearest classes by your location.

Experiment With Makeup Classes

M.A.C offers a few varied classes as well as their standard makeup services. Why not try a couple of different options to find out which class works for you? Whether you're an industry professional, student, or general beauty lover, you're sure to take away valuable knowledge and techniques from each class that will help you when applying your makeup at home.

M.A.C. Makeup Classes