How to Emphasize Color Flecks in Hazel Eyes

Playing up hazel eyes
Make hazel eyes shine!

There is a variety of ways to apply makeup to make hazel eyes stand out. If you are lucky enough to have hazel-colored eyes, do everything you can to play them up.

The Color Hazel

Hazel eyes are a combination of green, gold, and brown. They sometimes have a dark green circle at the outer edge of the eye, with lighter greens and browns inside of that, and gold flecks throughout the iris. Hazel eyes may also have a brown ring around the pupil.

Like all eye colors, hazel eyes reflect the colors around them, and they seem to change in color from gold, light brown, green, blue, and even gray, according to hair, makeup, and clothing colors.

When hazel eyes appear green, these shadow palettes are flattering:

  • Gold, bronze, and copper
  • Brown, chocolate, and mustard yellow
  • Peach, beige, and taupe
  • Plum, mauve, and purple
  • Deep and mossy greens

When hazel eyes look brown, these shadows work well:

  • Brown, beige, and tan
  • Gray, silver, and charcoal
  • Khaki, olive green, and mocha
  • Bronze and gold
  • Violet, lavender, and blue

For hazel eyes that have a blue tint, try these eye shadow combinations:

  • Pink, rose, and lavender
  • Gray, silver, and copper
  • Dark blue, light blue, and turquoise
  • Charcoal, black, and brown

Find Makeup to Make Hazel Eyes Stand Out

There are as many ways to use makeup to make hazel eyes stand out, including considering the individual colors present in hazel eyes themselves:

Gold Flecks

To emphasize the gold flecks often prominent in hazel eyes, wear a palette of gold-based eye shadows. Use a light shade from lash line to brow, then a medium gold shade in the crease, smudge a darker shade along the lashes. Finish with black eye liner and mascara, and watch those honey-colored swirls stand out.

Green Flecks

For makeup to make hazel eyes stand out in the evening, choose an emerald green eye shadow in three different intensities. Apply the lightest as a base from lashes to brows, the medium one in the crease, and the darkest along the lash line. A shimmery bronze color palette will also accent the green in hazel eyes. For daytime, choose a neutral shade that matches your skin tone, and apply the three lightest colors of that shade in the same manner as for the evening look. Choose a vibrant emerald green eye liner and finish off your look with black mascara.

Blue Flecks

Blue flecks in hazel eyes are quite uncommon, and if you have them, you'll want to play them up with a purple or plum eye shadow palette. You can also choose neutral shadows and line your eyes with blue eyeliner for a more subdued look that will make your blue flecks sparkle.

Brown Tones

To get that doe-eyed look, you'll want to stick with brown eye shadows in various intensities, brown eye liner, and rich brown mascara. Hello Bambi!

Other Ways to Make Hazel Eyes Shine

  • Red brings out the greens of hazel eyes, and red lipstick is one of the easiest ways to make hazel eyes pop.
  • Adding some red highlights to the hair is another good way to enhance hazel eyes.

The beauty of hazel is not only the lovely, unique color, but also that there are so many different ways to play up this eye color. Experiment with different looks to find what you like best.

How to Emphasize Color Flecks in Hazel Eyes