DIY Steps for Making an Italian Charm Bracelet

Updated April 29, 2021
Italian charm bracelet

The ultimate in personalized jewelry, Italian charm bracelets are fun accessories that can tell the world about your style and interests. A charm bracelet can symbolize a time in your life, your hobbies, a trip you have taken, or the people you love. You can buy these bracelets pre-made, but it's also fun to make your own with charms you choose and purchase individually.

How to Assemble Your Own Italian Charm Bracelet

The process of making your own bracelet is simple. You won't need any special tools. All you need is a selection of Italian charms. Choose the perfect charms for your personality and get started.

Choose Charms for Your Bracelet

To make your bracelet, you need enough charms to fit your wrist. That number can vary, depending on the diameter of your wrist, but this chart can help:

Wrist Diameter Number of Charms
5.75 inches 15
6.25 inches 16
6.5 inches 17
7.0 inches 18
7.25 inches 19

Since these charms are modular, you can mix and match brands without having to worry about compatibility. You can purchase Italian charms individually as well as in bracelet form. These sell for about three dollars to ten dollars apiece, but some very special examples may be more costly.

Assemble the Bracelet

  1. Once you've selected and purchased the charms you need, spread them out on a level work surface with good light.
  2. Pick up two charms, holding one in each hand. They should be face-up.
  3. Slide the front of one charm to the left, opening it up.
  4. Place the hooked end of the charm into the loop on the charm in your other hand. You may need to wiggle or angle the charm slightly to get it to attach.
  5. Allow the charm to slide closed, linking the two pieces together.
  6. Repeat with the remaining links until you have a bracelet of the desired size.

Special Project: Birthstone Italian Charm Bracelet

Make an Italian charm bracelet for a mom or grandma with birthstone charms for everyone in the family. This makes a meaningful DIY Mother's Day gift or a great Christmas or birthday present.

Things You Need

To make this bracelet, you need a charm that represents each person in your family. You can purchase birthstone charms on Amazon for about $5 each. If you're not sure which stone to get for a specific month, you can use a birthstone chart to double check. You'll need enough charms to reach around the recipient's wrist. You can fill in with blank charms if you run out of people to represent on the bracelet.

What to Do

  1. Arrange the birthstone charms on your work surface in the order you'd like to assemble them. You may want to do this in birth order, or you may like the look of certain birthstones next to one another.
  2. Once you've decided on the design, assemble the bracelet as described above.
  3. When the bracelet is finished, place it in a presentation box, special bag, or personalized jewelry box so it will make a beautiful gift.

Helpful Tips for Making Your Bracelet

Making Italian charm bracelets is fun and easy, but it still helps to keep a few tips in mind:

  • Place a cookie sheet with raised sides on your work surface and line it with a dish towel. This will help you avoid dropping charms on the floor, where they may be damaged or lost.
  • If you're having trouble separating the charms by hand, you can use the Italian charm tool designed to make the process easier. These retail for about $2.00 on
  • When deciding on the number of charms for your bracelet, go up one size if you're between sizes. That way, your bracelet may be slightly loose, but it will be comfortable.
  • Choose classic charms when you can. Although the fad for these bracelets has come and gone, well-designed Italian charm bracelets are still popular. The key is selecting charms that won't go out of style.
  • If you're not sure which charms to choose, select charms that represent a period in your life, an interest you love, places you've traveled, or other themes. Having a unified idea behind your charm bracelet can make it more fun.
  • If you're making this Italian charm bracelet as a gift, consider going up one size. The recipient can always take out a link if the bracelet is too large.

A Favorite Piece of Jewelry

Italian charm bracelets are easy to make, and they are a great way to show off your personality to the world. Take your time choosing links and assembling your bracelet, and you'll have a favorite piece of personalized jewelry you'll be proud to wear for years to come.

DIY Steps for Making an Italian Charm Bracelet