Men With Purses From Celebrities to Modern Guys

Published March 13, 2020
Man carrying a vertical purse

Men with purses are a common fashion statement from celebrities to modern guys. Men are finding out what women have always known: purses are great for carrying necessities and essentials.

Hobo Purses for Modern Guys

Men may find that a hobo purse design provides them with a flexible shape that is easy to wear with short or long straps. The shapes of the objects you carry inside the purse are easier to accommodate.

Man carrying hobo handbag

Petite Box Purse

Modern men are finding the crossbody box purse an ideal choice. A box shaped purse doesn't have the same kind of give and flexibility as other bags.

Model wearing a crossbody petite box

Canvas Tote Bag

A simple open canvas tote bag offers a man plenty of storage options. This type of page can hold a wallet, cellphone, keys, and any kind of items during a shopping trip. This design is rugged and very casual. Actor Zachary Quinto seems to find this tote bag the ideal choice for his outing, draped over one shoulder.

Zachary Quinto with canvas tote bag

Crossbody Bag

A large crossbody bag slung over one shoulder allows the bag to rest either on the hip, or some designs allow you to let it rest on the small of your back. Depending on what you are carrying in the bag and how heavy it is, this design allows you to adjust the bag position to avoid muscular strain.

TV Personality Michael Strahan's Crossbody Bag

TV personality and former New York Giants' defensive end, Michael Strahan carries a large, black, crossbody messenger bag. The strap allows him to adjust the position the bag if needed.

Michael Strahan with crossbody messenger bag

Crossbody Small Chest Purse

A crossbody small purse worn across the chest is a great way for a guy to carry his wallet, keys, cellphone, and other valuables, knowing they are safe and secure. American football wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham, Jr "OBJ" has obviously discovered the value of this type of purse.

Man wearing small chest crossbody purse

Double Straps for Crossbody and Waist Small Purse

You can double the comfort by distributing the weight of your purse with a crossbody/wait bag. This bag is versatile and can be worn just as a small crossbody purse or as a waist bag (fanny pack).

Stylish Fashion Statement

You may just be able to pull off this double strapped in look. Certainly, Spanish model and lifestyle blogger Marc Forne does with his blue Fendi belt bag!

Model Marc Forne sporting Fendi belt bag

Shoulder Fanny Pack for the Average Guy

Gentleman Blogger, Matthew Zorpas styles with this beautiful tan leather fanny pack worn crossbody above his waist. This shoulder strapped Fendi bag can also be worn around the waist as a fanny pack style. Some guys will find wearing this bag in a crossbody style more of a modern look.

Matthew Zorpas wearing Fendi fanny pack shoulder strapped

Clutch Purse

A clutch purse is often just the right size for carrying a few items, such as a wallet, cellphone and keys. Its versatile design means you can carry it in your hand by removing the strap. You may decide that it's easier to use the strap with the purse hanging from your shoulder. Another stylish way to sport this purse design is wear it crossbody. This modern man dressed in black leather pants, black turtleneck sweater and orange jacket carries a black leather clutch purse.

Man with black clutch purse

Men Wearing Purses Include Celebrities and Modern Guys

Modern guys and celebrities have discovered the convenience of carrying a purse. There are many styles being created just for men.

Men With Purses From Celebrities to Modern Guys