Popular Types of Men's Purses and Bags

Updated March 11, 2020
Man with a brown shoulder bag

The popular types of men's purses and shoulder bags provide a variety of storage options. Each style has a distinctive look but is available in different designs and colors.

1. Computer Bag

The ever-popular computer bag is available as a shoulder, crossbody or tote style. You can find a wide variety of materials, such as leather or a waterproof fabric. Most computer bags offer you the option to carry by a pair of handles like a tote bag or opt for a shoulder strap that can also be worn crossbody or over the shoulder. This type of bag usually has a full zipper for easy access, as well as various pockets and storage slots.

Man holding yellow tote computer bag

2. Tote Bag

A tote bag is usually carried by its handles, although many styles offer the option of a shoulder strap and can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. Most tops of a tote bag are open. Some may offer a strap and clasp closure while others feature a zipper for securing the top opening. Some totes offer inside storage compartments, pockets and zipper pouches. You can find a wide range of designs featuring canvas, vinyl, fabric, and leather materials.

Senior man carrying a tote bag in library

3. Attaché Bag

An attaché bag is often used as a briefcase for paperwork, folders and even laptops. These bags feature a pair of handles and offer a zipper closure to ensure your work is secure. Some designs feature an optional/removable shoulder strap. Some attaché bags feature side pockets for easy folder and paper access. Some offer outside zipper pockets that are ideal for business cards, pens, cellphone, and other necessities.

Man carrying an attache case

4. Satchel Bag

A satchel bag feature a padded carrying handle. A pair of straps are threaded through belt buckles to secure the top flap that usually falls half-way over the bag. Most satchels also offer an optional shoulder strap and interior pockets and zipper compartments for easy storage. Many satchel designs present a compartment just for your laptop and/or folders.

Man with a satchel

5. Crossbody Messenger Bag

A crossbody messenger bag is worn over one shoulder and positioned so it crosses over the man's chest with the bag resting on his side. Some men prefer to carry the bag around their lower back instead of their side. There are many styles for this type of bag, but the most popular features a fold over flap that is secured at the bottom of the bag with a zipper or closure. This type of bag can hold a laptop, cellphone, pens, papers, and any other items needed.

Man wearing a crossbody messenger bag

6. Casual Hobo

A hobo bag is designed to have a crescent shape. When set down, the purse shape isn't pronounced and is loose and flexible. This purse is worn over the shoulder but can often be worn as a crossbody bag. Most designs offer a zipper closure. The interior of the bag is often absent of many pouches, typically features a single zipper pouch. The types of material and designs vary.

Man wearing casual hobo purse

7. Duffel/Carry All

This large rectangular shaped bag is made of synthetic fabric, natural fabrics or leather. A pair of handles offers a quick carrying choice, or you may choose to use the shoulder strap. Duffel bags usually have a large opening that features two zippers ad well as side pocket. Some more streamlined designs offer men the opportunity to carry this design as a large-sized handbag.

Man carring shoulder duffel bag

8. Shoulder Strap Messenger Bag

Unlike the crossbody messenger bag, this design provides a shoulder strap. This will allow it to be worn over one shoulder and down by your side. Other than the strap design, this bag is like other messenger bag designs.

Man with shoulder messenger bag

9. Vertical Briefcase Bag

A vertical briefcase bag features handles and is a stylish way to carry a laptop and/or tablet within the bag compartments. This type of bag features buckle closures, outside pockets and compartments. Some feature zipper closures and an optional shoulder bet.

Man with vertical briefcase bag

10. Backpack

One of the most popular men's bag is the backpack. There is a design for every lifestyle and features multiple storage compartments, zipper pockets and slots. You can find leather, fabric and all types of colors and designs in this highly versatile men's bag choice.

Man with a leather backpack

11. Combo Vertical Bag/Backpack

You can have the best of both worlds with a combo vertical bag/backpack design. This bag features a vertical bag when you want one or you can attach the two backpack straps to wear it as a backpack This style doesn't have the bulkiness of a typical backpack but offers just the right amount of storage.

Man with vertical bag and backpack combo

12. Sling Bag or Shoulder Sling Bag

This bag style features a strap so you can wear it across your back by slinging it over one shoulder. This presents a smaller and lighter way to wear a bag on your back without the stress some backpacks have on your back. There are often many compartments and pouches in this design.

Sling bag

13. Fanny Pack Bag

A fanny pack is a small zipper pouch that is worn about the waist using a strap that wraps around your waist and buckles on the other side of the pouch. There are many designs that feature multiple storage pouches.

Man wearing fanny pack

Popular Types of Men's Purses and Shoulder Bags

There are many popular types of bags for men. These include various styles of purses, and shoulder bags, including crossbody designs.

Popular Types of Men's Purses and Bags