Miami Ink Tattoo Shop

Inside Miami Ink

The Miami Ink Tattoo shop was the site of TLC's previous hit show, Miami Ink. While the original shop has since shut its doors, the same tattoo artists are still working together to provide a great tattooing experience, at a new shop just down the road.

Miami Ink Tattoo Shop: Then and Now

The recognition from the Miami Ink television show created an incredible buzz for the now-famous tattoo shop, though both the location and name have changed.

Former Miami Ink Shop

The shop was originally named 305 Tattoo, though thanks to the show's success it changed its name to Miami Ink. This location has since closed. Although the Miami Ink tattoo shop has since closed, there is no need to fear missing out on the Miami Ink experience; the same artists you loved to watch from the show have opened up their own lounge and tattoo shop right across the street.

Current Name and Location

The new location is larger than the previous one. The artists needed a larger workspace in order to better suit the amount of clients they have been getting since the debut of the Miami Ink reality television show. The name of the shop was changed (for unspecified reasons) and is now called Love Hate Tattoo Studio.

Love Hate Tattoo Studio

The Love Hate Tattoo Shop is located right up the street from the old 305 Tattoo shop, making it easy for old customers and new fans alike to visit the studio for tattoo art.


The current address for the Love Hate Tattoo Studio is 1360 Washington Avenue in Miami, Florida.

Hours of Operation

The studio is open 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. each day.

Contact Information

If you would like to ask about rates or just keep up on the news of the shop, you can contact the studio in the following ways:

The Artists

305 Tattoo, aka Miami Ink, became famous in the world of tattoo for one good reason - great artists. The work that the shop was (and still is) putting out was more indicative of fine art than what many people associated with tattoos before the television show brought recognition to the shop.

The artists assembled here are very good with all styles of tattoos, but they excel in portrait work. Many of the artists from the Miami Ink show are all still present at the shop, and they also bring in guest artists from time to time. The lineup consists of:

  • Ami James
  • Chris Nunez
  • Darren Brass
  • Chris Garver
  • Federico Ferroni
  • James Hamilton
  • Yoji Harada
  • Tim Hendricks
  • Janos Masz
  • Morgyn Pennypacker
  • Jose Santiago
  • Luke Wessman
  • Guy Waisman
  • Guy "Neutron" Sahar

Book Your Next Tat

Getting inked by artists that helped revolutionize tattooing is potentially a great thrill. Expect the cost of a tat from Love Hate Tattoo Studio to be top dollar, and be sure to call for an appointment before going. The shop handles many styles of tattoos from full sleeves and lower back tattoos to the very popular "urban" style. Whatever you want done, this talented group of artists can do it for you in a quality that you will be proud to show everyone.

Miami Ink Tattoo Shop