New York Street Fashions

Published February 17, 2018
woman New York street style fashion

When it comes to the world of fashion and kicking off style trends, it's almost a law of the universe that you need look no further than the streets of New York. Street style in the city that never sleeps combines a unique blend of on-trend chic, runway pieces, and urban attitude that no one and nothing else can quite replicate.

Bold Use of Killer Florals

There's a certain attitude in the streets of New York that is bold enough to try new things first. No stranger to big florals, bright colors, and head-turning looks, recently people are ramping it up with not only next level bright florals, but also pairing these with unexpected patterns. At first glance, these looks may seem noisy, busy, and mismatched, but that's the exact heart of the style: unafraid, daring, and truly not caring what the uninitiated to their aesthetic may think.

Power Blazer

You may have grown used to seeing the effortless cool of the black leather jacket and the moto look, but stepping into the future, be on the lookout for the power blazer to take over that spotlight. With a strong statement and a chic twist on the power suit and business dress of yesteryear, this newbie stands out.

Grays and plaids are especially on trend. Pair this jacket with an array of bottoms for any style: trousers, leather leggings, jeans (with a white tee) for a classically casual look, or even over a tea dress to create a quirkily polished look for work.

woman in city wearing gray blazer

Light and Bright Solids

Tired of the drab, over the bleak, and moving on from feeling downtrodden, the streets of New York are positively awash in eye-popping solid colors: the keywords being 'light' and bright.' New York's street fashionistas have created and embraced this trend with a bold flavor that can only be found there. Especially on the rise: pinks, oranges, and yellows. Keep it warm, people!

The best part of this look is that it can be suited for any level of comfort when it comes to color. Be it a head to toe outfit all in pink or a statement bright orange skirt or a pop of yellow as a jacket; there's no wrong way to embrace this.

Woman in solid yellow outfit

Casual Sequins

What was once reserved for New Year's Eve parties and eighties' eveningwear has recently been co-opted by the streets of New York and demystified by making the whole vibe more casual. Found on jackets, boots, skirts, you name it, sequins are having their day in the sun as they shine all over the city. This bold choice speaks for itself, so leave it to the hub of urban chic to turn it into a daily look.

Denim, Denim, Denim

Yes, denim has had quite a renaissance in recent years, but be prepared to ramp it up even more. Spotted in a variety of creative ways all over Manhattan, trendsetters are doubling up on denim or even using it as a fabric for dresses. Especially on trend for this is the New York-based editor for Vogue Japan, Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert. With her fearless approach to fashion and penchant for hopping on trends and wearing them with unique New York flair, keep your eyes on her for some inspiration.

Let's Get Political

With a plethora of things going on socially and politically, you can't always count on upmarket designer brands to get their hands dirty. That's where New York's patented outspoken attitude takes over and, with street style, you can make a statement and make some noise. While everyone has their eyes on the runways and print pieces, look instead to the streets to keep up.

Fanny Packs

Yes, fanny packs. These hands-free bags have been slowly taking over the streets of New York. The best part is they've been incorporated into other major trends: bright colors, sequins, even floral patterns. What really makes this trend unique to New York is that it can be such a controversial choice. Much maligned for many years, only the trendsetters of New York are really bold enough not to care and, in fact, embrace it as an outcast and turn it into something enviable. You can even find them from top designer brands for a dose of chic style.


Camo was once a staple of the early 2000s, and now it's back in a big way. Not restricted to just the camouflage print, the streets are suddenly flooded with military-inspired pieces. These looks project strength, toughness, and a control over oneself that speaks to the heartbeat of New York's women. Especially in our current political climate, street fashion is taking a stance in setting a hardline on personal empowerment and standing strong.

There's something uniquely feminine about taking these hard cues and making them work in a variety of styles. Bella Thorne, in particular, has embraced this look. Keep an eye on her fashion sense as she participates in these trends and makes them her own with pops of color, decidedly sexy twists, and accessories.

That 70s Look

What's old is new again, and the daring fashion darlings of New York have amped up their love for nostalgia and brought the warm tones and distinctive patterns and cuts of the 1970s into modern times. Never too boho and instead with a hint of urban grit, these daily-wear inspirations are easily incorporated into any wardrobe. In fact, there's a strong possibility you already have at least one workable item in your closet or the closet of a family member.

Japanese woman in 70's style outfit

Fearless Layers

What New York street fashion does perhaps best of all is to pull together something totally unexpected in such a way that makes you think "where has this look been all my life?" Taking something classic - layers - and building upon it to new heights is completely on brand for this style. Combining a love for mixed prints, mixed fabrics, and eye-catching business, New Yorkers on the streets are ramping it up to the next level.

Street Fashion Trend Setters

Pay attention to what celebs, influencers, and street style stars wear on the streets of New York. Frequently brands and designers gift their pieces to them so that they wear them and with the hope that the outfit goes viral. Follow these New York bloggers, celebrities, models, and fashion influencers to stay on trend.

  • Bella Thorne: As mentioned above, the actress calls New York home and is always at the top of her game in setting the tone for edgy new looks.
  • Karen Blanchard: With her blog "Where Did U Get That?" Karen tackles street style head-on. While she was born in London, she lives in and encompasses New York fashion with expressively curated street shots.
  • Janelle Marie Lloyd: Follow her on Instagram (@waityouneedthis) for candid street shots plus links for where to buy some of her favorite pieces.
  • Natalie Lim Suarez: Working as a professional model since age 15, Natalie curates the blog "Natalie Off Duty" to document her non-runway NY street clothes.
  • Gigi Hadid: Of course, no street style inspiration list would be complete without the model of the moment, Gigi. Look to her for the first scoop on what will be effortlessly cool.

Street Style Chic

There's nothing quite as fashion-forward, boundary-pushing, and quintessential as the looks found walking the streets of the fashion capital. While the runways and magazines are perfectly fine for inspiration, they usually come second to the streetwear innovators. If you really want to know what's on the horizon, you have to keep tuned into the streets of New York.

New York Street Fashions