Pictures of Hair Styles in the 1980s

1980s Hair Styles

1980s hair was big, bold, and never boring. From mile-high bangs to crimped hair to ultra curly perms, 80s styles were about self expression. Teased hair, big hair punk rock looks, neon streaks of color, and dramatic accessories like plastic headbands with madonna-inspired black lace bows were all part of the 80s hair looks.

Ultra Curly Perm

Perms were hot in the eighties, and nothing was better than a very curly permed look. Women sported tight curls and spiral perms everywhere. Teasing curly hair added to the volume, and volume was also essential for 1980s hair.

Crimped Locks

Crimping irons provided yet another way to add wave and body to 1980s hair styles. The obvious pattern crimping irons made in the hair was reflective of the bold and attention-getting styles of this decade.

Teased Straight Hair

Hair didn't have to be curly to be big during the 80s. Teased straight hair held in place by a lot of hair spray was a popular look during the 1980s.

Big Bangs

In addition to volume, eighties hairstyles would be nothing without height. Huge bangs were the quintiessential 80s style

Punk Rock 80s Hair

Popular 80s bands were iconized not just for their music, but for their hair, too. The styles of the decade's "hair bands" influenced teens and fashionistas during the 80s. Huge spikes, mohawks, and big punk styles ruled the day

The Side Ponytail

The side ponytail was a hugely popular hairstyle of the 80s. Hair was pulled all the way to one side of the head or the other, and secured as tightly as possible. The style could be worn with or without bangs, and was secured with plenty of hairspray.


In the 1980s, sweatbands, or cloth headbands that went around the front of the forehead, were not just for the courts or for the gym. This 80s accessory was a hairstyle in and of itself.

Piecey Curls

Perms weren't the only options for curls in the 80s. Large ringlet curls were also quite popular. Although most 80s hair styles aren't ones you'll want to recreate, this is one you may consider.

You can create this curly look with a small to medium barreled ceramic curling iron. Hold the curling iron vertically to create pretty curls and finger comb, allowing curls to separate slightly for a piecy look.

Styling 80s Hair

With the exception of "pulled up" looks, one thing that you can say about all of the 80s hair styles is that they took quite a bit of work. Hot rollers, curling irons, crimping irons, perms, mousse and gel were just a few of the styling aids necessary to create the most popular looks of the decade.

Pictures of Hair Styles in the 1980s