20 Hairstyles for Middle-Aged Women Designed to Flatter

Flattering Styles to Fit Your Life


Looking at photos of hair styles that really suit middle-aged women will help take some of the guesswork out of choosing a great-looking style. Whether you opt for something short and becoming or decide to keep your feminine long tresses, don't believe some of the rules that apply to age-specific styles.

One of the best styles for women in this age range is a mid-length style that extends to the shoulders or just slightly above them, which allows the hair some movement. Skip heavy styling products and use light hold products that don't weigh your hair down. The result is a look that opens up the face and appears bright and youthful.

Natural Curls Flatter


Curls instantly soften the face, so middle-age ladies with naturally curly hair can embrace their look. Simply apply an anti-frizz serum to keep the curls in place, and allow the hair to air dry. This easy wash-and-wear look is a great choice for a woman with an active lifestyle.

Add Layers for Lift


If you fight flat tresses, add some lift and youth to your style with the help of layers. Layered hair adds softness and de-emphasizes fine lines.

Apply a volumizing or root-lifting spray at the roots of the hair, and then blow dry while brushing up and out to add fullness to a layered style.

Short Styles With Height


A shorter style is an easy and flattering shape for middle-aged women. One of the keys to keeping a short style from looking too severe is to make sure it has some height and volume at the crown.

Apply a small amount of texturizing spray or pomade to the ends of the hair to give the style a youthful, slightly tousled look.

Beautiful Shoulder-Length Style With Bangs


Adding bangs to your style has a number of benefits for middle-aged ladies. Bangs draw attention to the eyes and help detract from fine forehead lines, which creates a fresh, pretty look. Avoid heavy or short bangs, however, and choose a slightly wispy or side swept style that skims the brows for the best effect.

Face-Framing Straight Style


Choosing a straight style that has a slight bend frames the face and helps create a softer look that won't emphasize fine lines. Use a blow dryer with a diffuser while lifting the hair at the crown to provide movement that will keep the style from being too flat. Use a flat iron to turn the ends of the hair in towards the face and soften the style.

A-Line Bob


Classic, chic, and easy to style, a bob is a popular choice. An A-line bob hair style, which is slightly shorter in back and longer in front, is a more modern bob that is perfect for a go-to style for today's busy women. This style of bob draws attention to your facial features and helps elongate the face and neck.

To achieve this look, apply a small amount of smoothing serum and blow dry the hair with a paddle brush. Be sure to turn the brush slightly inward as you dry the ends of the hair.

Long Bangs to the Side


Wearing long bangs to the side is perfect for the middle aged woman for reasons of ease and comfort. If you are lucky and have great hair that dries nicely without a blow dryer or curling iron, it can be a wash-and-wear style.

If you would like to add volume or thickness, use a styling product that adds texture. By blow drying your hair upside down with a light-hold mousse you can add wonderful volume at the root, giving your hair bounce.

Soft Ponytail


A few tweaks to the classic ponytail can turn it into a very flattering look for middle-aged ladies.

  1. Pull out a few tendrils around the face; this can soften the ponytail and make it more flattering.
  2. Add volume to the ponytail by curling the hair to add waves, or simply apply mousse and lightly blow dry your hair before securing the ponytail.
  3. Anchoring the ponytail at the back of the head (rather than a very low or very high ponytail) provides a versatile look that can easily go from work to play.

Layered Shag


A layered shag can work well for short or mid-length hair. For ladies who have thinning hair, a shag can help provide the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. It is also a sexy, modern, and versatile look.

A shag is low-maintenance and styling it is easy. Either blow dry your hair or allow it to dry naturally, and add a small amount of gel or texturizing paste to the ends of the hair to create the popular 'pieced' look. The slight upward flip of the ends also draws the eyes upward and highlights the face.

Simple High Updo


An updo style works like an instant face lift; it draws the eye upward and lends a youthful vibe. A simple, unstructured updo is flirty yet sophisticated.

Create this look by pulling the hair up high at the crown and twisting it into a semi-tight bun. Pull out a few pieces to soften the look. If you have bangs, simply smooth them to the side with a little bit of smoothing serum. Keep flyaway ends at bay by misting your hair with a light hold finishing spray.

Short and Simple Cropped Look


A short, stylish crop is a sexy style that can work well for middle-aged women with busy lives. A cropped style gives you the freedom to wash and go, but you can also modify the style slightly by blow drying it for more volume or adding a texurizing product to the ends of the hair.

Mid-Length Straight Hair


Straight hair looks good on any hair texture. Middle aged women benefit from hair that makes them look elegant, and straight hair does that. You may need a straightening iron to achieve this look without any frizz.

Using a shine product with hold will help with any frizz once straightening is achieved. If you have fine hair use a thickening product to add volume.

Short Curled Bob


A short, sassy bob with bangs says it all, "I may be middle aged, but I've still got spunk." This style is easy to achieve every day by adding a touch of curl with a large barrel curling iron and a light-hold spray. If you have very fine hair use a hair thickening cream or spray for texture.

Adding a pretty headband, barrette, or comb can change this curly style from every day to elegant and fancy in a flash.

Long Hair Curled with Sides Up


Middle aged women can wear any style they want to. Long hair with curls is always gorgeous, and putting both sides up with a few bobby pins or a pretty barrette shows off the face of a confident woman, which is always more attractive.

Letting one side down is also an option that changes this style from proper to modern and even playful.

Short Bob With Bangs


A short, straight bob with bangs is fun, sexy, and easy to style in the morning, especially if you already have straight hair. Texturizing cream can help keep your ends in place or even add some texture at the root if you have really fine hair. Otherwise, a blow dryer and big barrel brush will help you achieve a nice straight look.

Putting the sides behind the ear is optional, but looks pretty with straight bangs. Using the curling iron to flip the sides up on occasion can change your look from sweet to sassy.

Long Side Braid


Wearing a side braid, if you have long hair, just feels good. This style can make you look younger, too. It's easy to accomplish with long hair, especially if you don't mind a few strands falling out here and there.

If you don't want any loose strands, try a French braid from the back of the ear over to the other side. A few bobby pins where you need them will help as well.

Tight Curls


Hair that is full of the tightest curls can be worn footloose and fancy free. Middle aged women benefit from wearing styles that are energetic and fun. Using a shine product with hold can help refine your curls, giving you a frizz-free finish.

Headbands are all the rage at the moment and could be added for a change and little control around the face if needed. Pulling curls into a loose ponytail is another alternative that is simple, but still looks fun and refreshing.

Mid-Length Curled Style


Hair that is mid-length and curled with a large barrel iron is another perfect style to consider. It is controlled enough to wear to work, dinner with your husband, or a night out with your girlfriends.

There is also a lot you can do with this type of hair style. Wearing a headband, barrette, or ponytail will change the way you look in an instant.

Long Straight Hair With Bangs


Long straight hair with long bangs added for style can help make a woman feel and look her best. There shouldn't be a lot of work to do here, just clarify your hair for shine and deep condition for the health of your hair.

Using a straight iron to perfect your look can be something you need if you have natural curls or waves. Using a shine product with hold will help with any frizz you want to keep under control.

Whether you like your hair short and simple or long and versatile, there are many great looks that can help you show off your personality and highlight your best features at any age.

20 Hairstyles for Middle-Aged Women Designed to Flatter