Guide to Purity Rings: Meaning & Common Styles

Updated May 11, 2021
man holding his purity ring

Purity rings come in a variety of styles and metals. The one thing they have in common is that they encourage purity and abstinence and symbolize purity of mind, body, and heart. These rings can be worn by males or females and are typically given to the teens or young adults as gifts. Sometimes you may see these rings referred to as promise rings or chastity rings.

What Are Purity Rings?

Males and female teens and young adults make up the largest portion of the population that wears purity or chastity rings. The rings are meant to be reminders and statements on abstaining from sex until marriage. The rings speak out on the young people's decision to stay pure, and in some cases remind them of their choice in tough situations where they may be tempted to compromise their beliefs.

Chastity rings also serve as commitments to God to remain pure - not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. They often have phrases on them that remind the wearer of this commitment, such as "True Love Waits" or "One Life One Love" engraved into the metal.

Traditionally, the son or daughter receives the ring from the parent of the opposite gender. The father gives the daughter her ring, and the mother gives the son his. This isn't necessary, though it is common. Either parent can give the ring to the teenage son or daughter. A church could give their youth rings. Boyfriend and girlfriends could also exchange purity (or promise) rings to commit to each other and their belief. If you would like to wear a ring to symbolize your commitment to waiting for "the one" before having sex, you could always buy yourself one.

If rings aren't for you, there are also purity bracelets and necklaces.

Common Styles

Purity rings are far from uniform. There are shared characteristics, but there is a chastity ring out there for almost any jewelry preference.

Metals and More

This special type of inspirational jewelry comes in the same materials as most other rings. You can choose from:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Sterling silver (which is seemingly the most common choice)
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Pewter


There are some common phrases that purity rings often have engraved on them, usually short, inspiring reminders.

  • I Am My Beloved's and My Beloved Is Mine (or just I Am My Beloved's)
  • I Will Wait for You
  • Faithful to My Beloved
  • Purity
  • His Princess
  • True Love Waits (or just Love Waits)
  • One Life One Love
  • Heart and Soul
Purity Rings

Shapes and Styles

When it comes to shapes and styles, you can get everything from a simple engraved sterling silver band to an acrylic ring. You can get intricate designs that feature a cross and key, hearts, vines, flowers, and so on. Some designs even have cubic zirconium accents. The choices really are endless. Purity rings don't have to be boring; you can get a beautiful piece of jewelry in addition to wearing your commitment to abstinence, God, and your future spouse on your finger for the world to see.

A Visible Promise

Purity rings allow you to wear your beliefs with confidence, reminding yourself of your promise to remain pure as well as potentially inspiring others to follow your example. With all of the choices of rings out there, there's no reason to feel that you're wearing your ring completely out of duty; the rings can be beautiful and eye-catching as well.

Guide to Purity Rings: Meaning & Common Styles