Popular Purse Insert Organizer Styles

Updated January 22, 2020
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Anyone with an active, busy lifestyle will find a purse insert organizer a timesaving treasure. There are several styles available offering various features to help organize your purse just one time.

Types of Purse Insert Organizers

Just as there are many types of handbags available, there are also many types of purse organizers and insert organizers as well. The tricky thing about most of these products is that they are mainly available on the company websites. However, occasionally you'll get lucky and find a few at your local retail or department store like Amazon, Walmart and Sears. Here are a few of the types of handbag insert organizers available.

Open Inserts

This type of organizer is substantial in size and very versatile. It may have a variety of open pockets and sections to place your items for easy reach. This insert closely resembles the organizers that line purses, but this one can be removed and easily placed in another bag by using self-handles or other placement method.

Example of an Open Insert

An example of this type of insert is An example of this type of insert is the popular Chameleon Insert, available in small, medium, and large sizes. Price: Around $10 to $33 plus shipping fees calculated at checkout.

Pouch-Type Inserts

Pouch type insert organizers are slightly more streamlined than open inserts in that their design is typically in a rectangular or other pouch design with a top that zippers or snaps closed. These organizers may also have external open pockets and card slots. Pouchee Insert is an example of this type of organizer. Price: Around $9 to $35 with free shipping on orders over $49.

Peripheral Pocket Organizers

Arguably a very popular type of insert organizer, a peripheral pocket organizer is designed to go around the inner perimeter of the purse with open, standup pockets. These can be used in many shapes and sizes of purses.

Peripheral Pocket Organizer Arrangement

Some designs also feature closed pockets for change or other accessories, cell phone pockets, and card slots as well. The center area of the purse remains open for large or bulky items.

Example of Peripheral Pocket Organizer

There are also a variety of patterns available for crafters and those who can sew to make their own. An example of this style of organizer is the popular Purseket Organizer. Price: About $35 to $38 plus shipping calculated at checkout.

Types of Organizer Inserts on the Market

Showing just how popular purse organizers are, the number of those available on the market have grown at a rapid rate, including some standout products that have been featured on various entertainment and television news programs, as well as in print publications.

Ztujo Amazon's Choice

ZTUJO is Amazon's Choice purse insert organizer also available in small, medium, and large sizes. The insert is available in 12 colors.

ZTUJO Purse Organizer Insert
ZTUJO Purse Organizer Insert
  • The insert features a middle detachable pocket, that can also be used for a detached wallet.
  • Three exterior pockets are ideal for storing items you need quickly.
  • The insert features 10 interior pockets.
  • A felt key chain made of felt ensures you can find your keys quickly.
  • Price: Around $20 to $30 with free shipping for Prime membership.

Pros and Cons

Amazon customers find the insert as advertised and like the many choices of storage. Customers like the sturdiness and say the walls don't collapse. However, one customer complained that One customer complained it was flimsy. One customer found the detachable center section didn't stay attached via the Velcro. Most customers are pleased with their purchases.

CloverSac Purse Organizer Insert

The CloverSac purse organizer insert features four sizes (emma 22, emma 25, emma 28, and emma 36). The lightweight fabric insert is divided into compartments kept in a boxy shape by structure cards. The center part of compartments is removable. Available in colors beige and red in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. Price: Around $24 to $40 plus shipping calculated at checkout.

Pros and Cons

CloverSac customers are pleased with their purchases. They like the center compartment is removable to help them with larger items, such as wallets. Customers comment on the lightweight structure of the insert and how it holds its form.

Vercord Purse Insert

The Vercord Purse Insert features 1 large pocket and 4 small ones. There are two zipper pockets to secure items. Six mesh pockets can hold your cell phone, books, toiletries, etc. Available in small, medium and large sizes in 27 colors/patterns. Price: Around $8 to $12 with free shipping for Prime memberships.

Vercord Purse Organizer
Vercord Purse Organizer

Pros and Cons

Customers praise how the insert stands up. They are pleased how it allows them to organize their purses. A couple of customers complained the insert they received wasn't sewn well or was ripped.

Kangaroo Keeper Purse Insert

Kangaroo Keeper is offers as a 2-pc purse insert As Seen On TV. The set includes one large and one small purse insert that is a roomier style and very affordable. The insert has 12 slip pockets. Price: Around $10 plus free shipping.

Kangaroo Keeper 4-Piece Set
Kangaroo Keeper 4-Piece Set

Pros and Cons

Most Amazon customers are pleased with their purchases. Most find the insert helps them to organize their purses. Some complain that the pockets were too small to hold their cellphones.

LittBag by PurseN LED

Amazon's Choice LittBag by PurseN LED lighted purse insert organizer was featured in 2018 as one of Oprah's favorite things. The top handle of the zipper closure is made of leather and the insert is made of nylon. The insert has an on/off button that features a 60 second timer. Available in nine colors. Price around $42 plus free shipping.

LittBag by PurseN LED Lighted Organizer
LittBag by PurseN LED Lighted Organizer

Pros and Cons

Most Amazon customers are pleased with their purchases. the light is a highly appreciated feature. A few customers felt the insert was too bulky. Several customers commented the insert is more expensive than most purse inserts, but that the extra cost is well worth it.

Using a Purse Insert to Organize Your Purse

With an insert organizer, you can enjoy having the convenience of changing purses without needing to transfer each item individually. Using a removable purse insert organizer, allows you to simply life the insert organizer out of one purse and set it inside another.

Popular Purse Insert Organizer Styles