Pictures of Lower Stomach Tattoos

Updated August 30, 2018

Beautiful Lower Stomach Tattoos

Tattoos are a way to add adornment to your body. Some tattoos shine for the world to see like those on the wrist, arms or legs. But, some tattoos are only seen if you show them to people. Lower abdomen tattoos are like this. These hidden jewels are found on both men and women. They can be as small as a butterfly riding your underwear line or as large as a design extending from hip bone to hip bone. What you do with your lower abdomen tattoo is only limited by your imagination.

Seductive Cherries

Some lower stomach tattoos are meant to be sexy. Given the placement so close to the pubic region, it can be a fun place for women and men to play with. Erotic tattoos like this lickable cherry design are meant to add sex appeal.

Secret Symbols

The lower stomach is a great place to hide secret symbols or tattoos with personal meaning. Since this is an area that won't be viewed often, you can choose to add Asian characters with secret meaning. Only a few people will ever see these secret symbols, making them even more special.

Tribal Designs

Given the relatively flat area of the lower stomach, this is a great place for a small piece of tribal art or something larger. The tribal art can also be worked into a unique design like a moon or sun around the belly button.

Abstract Patterns

The curve along the hip and lower stomach is a great place for abstract, swirling designs. Not only do these create a sensual look along the hip bone, they can accentuate the beauty of a hip, drawing the eye downward. Abstract designs can also work to wrap around the hip and be added to later.

Bee Stomach Tattoos

Along with long flowing designs, the lower abdomen can work for cute characters as well. You might choose to get a bumble bee flitting around a flower next to the hip bone or maybe a stylized butterfly. Whatever the case, these cute little designs fit snuggly in this area. Talk about the birds and the bees!

Butterfly on Your Stomach

Butterflies are a big hit in the tattoo world. Whether you have a field of butterflies dancing along your hip bone or one gliding up next to your belly button, this is a great option for a classic, nature-inspired look. For even more fun, remember the monarch butterfly also holds the extra meaning of royalty.

Nautical Stars for Classic Beauty

Stars are a popular design anywhere on the body. However, they follow along the lower stomach and hip bones really well. For example, you might have a trail of nautical stars that run from the hips to just under the naval. These can be uniform or they might get larger or smaller as they move along the lower stomach.

Coy Koi Tattoo

Small colorful designs like a koi fish fit snuggly against the pubic bone. You might choose to have just the fish, or you can have a whole intricate design covering the entire stomach. Either way, this makes a fun coy (koi) design for anyone.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Another design that is humorous yet erotic as the same time is a four-leaf clover on the lower abdomen. Not only does it insinuate a personal meaning, but the small design and even wording fit great in this area. Are you feeling lucky?

Sexy, Private Designs

Whether you choose to have a sexy butterfly floating along your naval or another design element above the pubic bone, lower abdomen tattoos can hold a plethora of meanings. These can vary from personal to sensual; it's up to you. Ready to see more? Visit Pictures of Female Lower Back Tattoos.

Pictures of Lower Stomach Tattoos