15 Pictures of Cute Tote Bags for Style Ideas

Updated April 23, 2020
Hanging Bags at a Street market

Pictures of cute tote bag ideas can help you decide which styles are best for you. Whether you need a tote bag for travel, work or groceries, you can explore a range of special tote bag ideas from cheap canvas tote bags with fun graphics to trendy designer tote designs.

Cute Leaf Heart Tote Bag

Show off your love of gardening, cooking, or nature in general with a cute leaf heart tote bag. This simple canvas tote bag is great for shopping at the farmer's market or shopping at local holistic stores. If you can't find this exact bag, you could make one by ironing two leaf transfers in a heart shape on a basic canvas tote bag.

Cotton tote bag with green foliage background

Perforated Leather People Tote Purse

Leather totes are funky, fun and fabulous, especially when they have a cute perforated leather design. You can use a high fashion tote bag with a zipper like this as an executive tote bag for work or out shopping for new clothes. The tiny people holding hands are an ideal design for teachers too.

Woman shopping with tote while using smart phone

Leopard Print Canvas Tote Bag

Show off your inner animal with a trendy leopard print canvas tote bag in an unexpected color like emerald green. This simple tote bag works great as an accessory to any plain outfit thanks to the fun printed fabric. Use fabric paints to add your own animal print to any white canvas tote bag.

Trendy leopard pattern shopping tote bag

Denim Fringe Tote Bag

If country western is your style, a fun denim fringe tote bag can personalize your style. Since there are inner and outer pockets, this type of bag works great as a large every day purse. Repurpose old jeans to make your own version of this cute tote bag purse.

Landies handbag made from an old pair of denim jeans

Flowers and Gingham Tote Bag

Girly girls with a Southern style will love a pink floral tote bag that features gingham accents and a zippered top. A multi-functional large tote like this can be used to carry groceries, bring supplies to school, or for a day at the beach. Look for styles like this from designers like Vera Bradley who are known for their quilted looks and mixed patterns.

Handmade duffle bag

Cute Saying Canvas Tote Bag Text

Your tote bag can be more than just a vessel or accessory, it can make a statement to the world. Simple canvas tote bags with cute sayings are readily available and easy to make on your own with fabric markers or iron-on letters. To make sure your bag is cute, opt for an adorable saying about love, peace, or kindness.

tote with saying

Earth Graphic Tote Bag

Even kids can wear cute tote bags like a canvas tote with an earth graphic. This would be a great art project for school kids or teachers. The bag sends a universal message with a simple graphic of Earth. Look for ways to customize a graphic like ordering a photo tote bag that features a personal photograph.

Young girl holding reusable shopping bag

Vertical Stripe Rounded Tote Bag

The rounded shape and skinny straps give this cloth tote bag a cute, modern look. Vertical stripes and a sturdy fabric give it a more fashionable look that could be worn to work or used as a large purse for travel. Look for stripes that include one neutral color and your favorite color.

Striped cloth shopping bags

Basket Tote Bag

While you could use it at the farmer's market, a stylish, woven basket tote bag also works as a trendy work bag. Since the woven basket is sturdy and easy to wipe clean, it's ideal for groceries or artists carrying supplies like paints and clays. Look for a basket that fits under your arm and is pliable, so it's comfortable to carry.

Girl walking with shopping bag in the street

Brightly Colored Woven Tote Bag

The bright colors or woven patterns of woven tote bags look great while you're carrying the bag and hold up to the sun when you use the bag at the beach. The large capacity is great for carrying all your beach or picnic needs. Dirt or sand easily runs through the cracks. Shop for unique features like round wood handles to get the cutest look possible.

Vintage summer wicker straw beach bag and leather sandals

Cute Dog Tote Bag

Carry your adorable dog in style with an equally cute tote bag. An animal print bag like this snakeskin version with contrasting color accents highlight your dog's sweet face as she peeks out at the world. The outer zipper pocket gives you room to store poop bags, treats and a small leash, so you have everything you need for your best friend.

Woman With Dog On Staircase

Color Blocked Wool Tote

For a soft and ultra-modern look, choose a felt or wool color blocked tote bag. The design makes it look high fashion while the material keeps it easy to maintain. This cute tote bag is great for work or use as an everyday purse.

Content Of One Lady's Bag

Colorful Fishing Net Tote Bag

Bright colored totes are perfect for any season and make great accessories that help your outfit pop. Colorful net bags look fashionable and earth-friendly. You can use bags like this for groceries or a day at the beach.

Assortment of reusable net bags or shoppers

Burlap Tote With Braided Handle

There's nothing cute about a basic burlap tote bag, but when you add a detail like braided handles, it becomes a great accessory. The rustic fabric works great for carrying just about anything and the stylish detail makes it appropriate even for work.

Eco shopping cotton tote bag

Nautical Tote With Rope Handles

Nautical styles aren't only appropriate on boats or at the beach. This updated nautical tote bag features soft rope handles and horizontal stripes, but the black and white color scheme takes it from kitschy to fashionable. Anyone with a lot to carry can use a cute, sturdy tote like this.

Black and white stripe tote bag

Show Your Tote Style

There are many types of totes on the market for you to choose from. High end handbag designers as well as lower end producers of purses offer a wide variety of materials and styles. From dog lovers to businesswomen, everyone can use a cute tote bag.

15 Pictures of Cute Tote Bags for Style Ideas