How to Wear a Belt

Beautiful Belts

Learning how to wear a belt fashionably can be as easy as keeping three key components in mind: color, size and the overall proportion of an outfit. That means sizing up the amount of fabric. For example, if you are wearing a long dress, opt for a wide belt. This way the proportions are kept in check. Similarly, short dresses, particularly ones that fall above the knee, often look best when paired with a skinny belt. However, for a sexy look, go ahead and choose a wide belt.

Here the belt is wide because there is a lot of fabric (the dress).

Consider Proportions

A belt needs to be in proportion to the entire outfit. This belt is slim because the jacket and pants "cut" the body in half.

Contrasting Colors

Pair a belt, in a contrasting color, with a dress for a fresh look.

Skinny Belts

A skinny belt can help break up a monochramatic outfit and define the waist.

Large Belts

A large belt works to enhance the sexiness of such a small outfit.

Lines of Color

A belt can be unique. Here the look works because it keeps the color line of white.

Coordinating Your Belt

Matching your belt to your shoes is not necessary, but it helps in keeping the femininity of this look.

Figure Flattering Belt

The right belt creates a cinched waist and glorious curves.

Boho Chic Style

Wear a belt low on the hips over a long top for a casual, boho-chic feel.

Double Strapped Belt

The double strapped belt, in a vibrant color, is a fashionable look that works great with a print dress. When it comes to color, fashionistas everywhere can consider themselves very lucky indeed; the choices are too numerous to count!

Above the Waist Belt

Wear a belt above the natural waist to emphasize the bust and create structure in a dress.

Show Off Your Style

Don't forget to use contrasting colors! A white belt against a black background is stunning.

How to Wear a Belt