20 Pictures of Green Dresses in Flattering Shades

Updated January 22, 2020

Wearing Green Dresses the Right Way


Pictures of green dresses may inspire you for daily wear, wedding attire (as a bride or a guest), parties, and more. The dresses you see and love on the runway actually are wearable for the average woman. It helps to know how different shades of green work better with various skin tones and hair colors.

Green Dresses for Dark Skin Tones


Warmer shades of green work best with dark skin tones. Look for pastel through bright green colors which complement your skin color. It's best to avoid cooler tones of green or yellowish-greens that can make your skin look unhealthy.

Jewel Tones for Medium Skin Tones


Women and girls with medium, or neutral, skin tones which are somewhere between dark and pale do best with jewel toned or muted greens. Lighter, pastel colors can make your skin look gray. Emerald green dresses or jade dresses are a perfect compliment to medium skin tones.

Olive Skin Choices in Green Dresses


You have many choices in greens when you have an olive skin tone. Because of the olive-tinged hues in your skin, you can easily pull off any shade of green, from a lovely lime green dress, khaki green dress or an olive green dress. These will give your skin a rich brown glow.

Warm Fair Skin and Green Dress Choices


With fair-skinned women, there are two types and each goes better with different green shades. Women with a warm tone to their fair skin do well with most green dress colors. Grass green dresses through emerald green, kelly, moss, chartreuse, pear and sage are all excellent choices. The only green you should avoid is anything overly bright or neon which doesn't complement your skin tones well.

Cool Fair Skin and Green Dress Choices


Jewel toned greens work well with fair-skinned women with cooler skin tones. Good options are grass green, forest, mint, seafoam and emerald green dresses or shades of turquoise which can range from green to blue. Like warm toned fair-skinned women, avoid any overly bright or neon shades.

Light Hair Colors and Green Dresses


If you're looking to match your green dress shade to your hair, women with lighter hair colors like pale, ash, honey or golden blonde do best with green jewel tones. Avoid dark green dresses or light green dresses which will not contrast well with your hair.

Darker Blonde to Red Hair Colors and Green Dresses


Women with darker shades of blonde, such as dirty or strawberry blonde, or lighter brown or red shades look best in more more muted green tones. Some choices that will compliment your hair well are seafoam or mint green dresses.

Green Dresses and Medium Hair Colors

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Medium hair colors include shades of brown such as ash, caramel, golden or darker brown. These hair colors work very well with medium to dark shades of green, such as olive green dresses and forest green dresses.

Dark Hair and Green Dresses


If you have dark hair, such as dark brown or black, and darker skin tones, you'll do best with green jewel tones. A metallic green dress or an emerald or parakeet shade are all great choices.

Green Dresses That Anyone Can Wear


There are some shades of green dresses that do well with any skin tone or hair color. Teal is a perfect choice that will complement you no matter what and looks good in any season.

Patterned Green Dresses and Fair Skin


If you prefer dresses with patterns, look for ones with green shades that match your skin tone. For example, a mint green and white dress goes well with fairer skin.

Patterned Green Dresses and Darker Skin


A jewel toned patterned green is a wonderful compliment to darker tones. Look for green patterned dresses that are a mix of other jewel shades.

Formal Green Dresses


Green can make a beautiful option for a formal green dress or a prom dress. Just follow the rules for your skin tone along with the best complementary colors. For dark skin, jewel tones with silver or grey works well.

Wedding Attire and Green Dresses


Another type of formal dress are bridesmaid dresses which can look stunning in green. A collection of soft tones, like mint green dressses or seafoam dresses can help a white wedding dress stand out without overpowering next to darker tones.

Solid Neon Green Dresses


While a solid green dress might seem like you will be overpowered by the color, choosing the best shade for your skin and hair can make your skin, hair and eyes "pop." Accompany the dress with some contrasting and complementary accessories can also tone down some of the green.

Shorter Green Dresses

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If you're comfortable wearing a short dress such as a cocktail dress, opt for a shade of green that matches your skin color and is also more "dramatic." For example, a dark forest green may seem too dark but with a shorter dress it won't seem as strong and will highlight your skin.

Longer Green Dresses


A long green dress can be stunning with the right shade against your skin and hair. Long green dresses look particularly lovely in formal or holiday wear. Make sure the accessories match the shade of green, such as golds with olive green or silvers with jewel tones.

Casual Green Dresses


A casual green dress, whether solid or patterned, can really brighten your skin and look stylish. A cinched waist keeps it from looking frumpy and front pockets add detail while remaining casual.

Wear More Green

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Green is a color embodying spring, growth, calm and harmony with nature. It's a perfect choice for spring, or any time of year when you want a fresh look. Whether it's a simple green casual dress or a metallic stunning cocktail dress, make sure you consider adding green to your clothing collection!

20 Pictures of Green Dresses in Flattering Shades