Winter Handbag Styles

Updated August 15, 2019

Best Winter Handbag Styles

Cute winter handbags can be the perfect cure for those dreary day blues. With such a wide range of choices for the season, you're sure to find something that will put a spring in your step and almost make you forget the blazing cold weather outside. From classic, timeless handbag that can get you through the chilly temperatures to current trends that will heat up your look, there are plenty of options for every personality and style preference.

An oversize black leather bag like this is a versatile option that goes with anything in your winter wardrobe and can go from work to play with ease.

Textured Bags

Whether they are done in a furry, fluffy, fuzzy, or faux-fur texture, textures handbags are a popular trend. While the specific textures and colors can vary somewhat from season to season, a soft, textured bag is a winter staple. At once elegant and playful it adds a unique touch to any outfit.

Snake Print Handbags

Adding a boost to your style can be easy with the right winter purse. Snake print is a little bold, but still has a sense of classic style that makes it more refined than dramatic. Snake prints are ideal for winter handbags because they can make a big impact against the often darker or more muted hues of your winter wardrobe.

Double Bag Trend for Winter Essentials

It's no secret that winter often means extra gear, especially if you live in an area with colder temps. Keep track of all your winter essentials, from extra gloves and hand warmers to lotion and lip balm with the double bag trend. This runway-worthy look is as functional as it is stylish. You can either purchase pre-designed bag sets, or buy a smaller separate bag in great print and a larger neutral bag to wear with it. If things get hectic, you can always tuck the smaller bag into the larger one for safekeeping.

Croc-Skin Embossed Leather

Faux croc-skin bags have a sense of sophistication that never goes out of style. Choose a classic or trendy bag type, depending on your needs and style preferences. Consider an eye-catching winter color such as rich purple or eggplant to show off your stylish bag.

Large Streamlined Handbag

If you need the space of a big fashiom purse but prefer a more minimalist style, a large leather handbag in a tote-like style could be your best bet. While some women steer clear of lighter colors in winter in favor of richer or darker hues, there's nothing wrong with an off-white, pearl or dove gray handbag in the winter months. A light neutral can pair well with a bold colored winter coat or colorful scarf.

Patchwork Purses

Patchwork purses have made a big comeback, and there are numerous winter styles to choose from. Whether you go with an assortment of neutral shades or choose a handbag with multiple rich colors, a leather look is an ideal patchwork option for winter.

Slouchy Styles

Slouchy handbags are perfect purses when the weather gets cooler because they seem have a conforming style that you don't need to struggle with amid your winter accessories. Any neutral color and a pebbled leather works well, and a deeper bucket style will hold all your winter essentials. Look for the softest leather to get that slouchy look.

Timeless Chain-Strap Purses

Chain straps add a graceful touch to any handbag and evoke the femininity of a classic Chanel no matter what brand it is. When paired with a rich winter color, such as this burgundy, and a contemporary element such as distressed leather, the look is at once both modern and classic. A smaller structured style is a great winter work accessory.

Two-Toned Winter Looks

Two-toned bags are another popular trend that doesn't show signs of going anywhere soon. Dark neutrals, such as black or deep brown, pair well with rich jewel tones for winter. This is a good look is you like a pop of color that makes an impact without going over the top.

Locked Bags

Chloe made the Paddington an "It bag", but locked bags have continued to evolve in style and remained popular. There are many designers making locked bags today, and a sleek metal lock can add a refreshing yet classy addition to any bag. It works well for a winter work look because it adds style in a tasteful way rather than having too much glitz.

Puffy and Pillowy Bags

There might not be anything better than curling up against some fluffy pillows with a cup of hot chocolate when the temperatures dip. You can hone in on this beloved aspect of winter by choosing a trendy handbag that evokes a soft, pillowy look and soft quilted fabric.

Neutral Cross-Body Bag

A neutral-colored cross-body bag, like the taupe one seen here, is a versatile and practical winter handbag. Its neutral color is less likely to show dirt when you're dealing with winter slush, and its simple color allow any other cold weather accessories to take center stage. A style like is functional because it keeps your hands free (they can stay warm in your pockets) and can easily be worn for work or weekends.

Bring On the Bling

Another trend that fashionistas have seen many variations of over the years is a bag with bling. Modern looks include metallic clutches, small bags with glitter, or styles covered in crystals. Whatever look you choose, an embellished bag is a go-to for the holiday season. It's a perfect complement to your holiday cocktail dresses and evening wear.

Timeless Quilted Leather

Timeless and beautiful quilted leather has a refined and elegant look along with the soft, warm appeal that's perfect for the winter months. Black is always a staple for fall and winter, though you can find classic quilted styles in a variety of other colors as well.

Checkered Handbags

Not only are checkered handbags on trend, they make a great look for cool weather when done in a warm fabric, such as wool, and in classic winter colors like black, red, and grey. Whether you opt for a mini clutch or a larger satchel, it's a stylish look to last you throughout the season.

Structured Neutral Flap Bag

A neutral-colored flap bag is another option for ladies who prefer simpler, more streamlined styles. A rich tan, taupe, cognac, or brown works well with most cool-weather colors. The flap style is slightly more casual than a structured satchel, so it's a great look for students.

Tweed Purses

Tweed fabric is another cold-weather staple - in fact, many women will wear almost any other purse type of spring and summer except tweed. Its rich fabric and gorgeous texture are an ideal complement to outwear and accessories, and the sophisticated tones and colors it is often designed in are a better fit for winter than something like the floral prints associated with spring and summer styles.

Suede Handbags

Another fabric option for winter wear that's a bit more luxurious is suede bag. Rich, warm, and lovely, it's excellent done in deep brown, black, or jewel tones. If you want to wear something with a bit more spice than an all-over suede bag, consider one that incorporate multiple materials, such as suede and leather.

Modern Houndstooth

Houndstooth has a crisp appearance and stylish appeal that has stood the test of time. While they have long been associated with suits and jackets, they are a great winter look for a handbag as well. For a modern look, consider a clutch or satchel that incorporates touches like burgundy leather and crystals.

Chocolate Brown Satchels

One of the most versatile colors, and one that has a strong appeal during the cooler months, is chocolate brown. A classic handbag style such as a satchel works perfectly with the chocolate brown for a put-together look.

Exotic Animal Prints

Like snake prints, exotic fabric prints such as leopard, can add a big impact as an accessory. Wear a bold handbag like this with more understated outerwear and accessories to keep the look balanced.

Boxy Clutch

If you need a classy clutch to wear to your holiday parties and events, but a glitzy one isn't your style, consider a trendy solid-colored clutch in a boxy style. The boxy look is modern but isn't as attention-getting as a clutch with full-out bling.

Designer Waist Bag for Winter

Waist bags, especially those from top designers, continue to b popular. These make a great winter piece because they are close to your body and keep your hands free. A rich color, like this dark mustard, is appropriate for colder weather.

Jewel-Tone Minimalist Purse

A shimmery jewel tone, such as this emerald green, sizzles. A minimalist style lets the rich color shine through. A simple, streamlined handbag is great for ladies who don't have too many items to keep track oof, and it works well with winter's jewel-toned clothing.

Boho-Chic Fringe

If your style leans more towards free-spirited and boho-inspired styles, a fringe bag might be the perfect trendy winter bag for you. Look for styles in suede or other cold-weather fabrics in a hue like burgundy or wine.

Velvet or Velour Handbags

Velvet or velour are other beautiful choices for winter accessory fabrics, especially for special-occasion wear. The luxuriant look and feel of the fabric makes it well-suited for the weather, and it has an undeniable elegance.

Winter Patent Leather

Patent leather handbags can make excellent winter bags with their shimmery shine. For the best look, consider one in a darker hue, such as navy, deep purple, or forest green. A bonus is that patent leather is easy to clean.

Pink Handbags for Winter

You may wonder if it's ok to wear a pink handbag in winter. While there are virtually no rules when it comes to what colors look and feel good to you for your purse, a few color tips can make pinks more workable for your winter wardrobe. Soft, nearly-neutral pinks like blush colors can blend seamlessly into your wardrobe and can make a good year-round option. Darker, muted pinks that are most understated will also look great in winter, whereas a bright color like hot pink looks great in summer or spring.

3-D Floral Handbags

If you love floral bags, but want a better way to wear them in winter than a print, consider the 3-D floral trend. Because this is a bolder look and is often done with heavier materials, such as leather, it works for winter. Consider rich or deep colors rather than pastels.

Whether your handbag preferences lean towards classic and streamlined styles, or you love to wear the latest colors and trends, there are dozens of options for accessorizing in the way that makes you look and feel your best.

Winter Handbag Styles