Swimsuit Colors for Fair Skin Tones

Colors that suit you.

Everyone wants to look her best on the beach. Choosing the right colors in a swimsuuit for fair skin tones will help you look luminous, as if lit from within.


Knowing the right swimsuit colors for your fair skin means that no matter the style you choose, you can feel confident that you will look great. Overall, some of your best color choices include:

  • Dark, yet sharp hues: Dark hues like navy and black can look fabulous against your skin, but take care that the color is sharp. Faded shades of blue, and to a lesser extent black, will not look nearly as good once set against your skin. Additionally, no matter what color you eventually choose, you'll want to make sure that it lies in contrast to your skin in some way.
  • Cool tones: Cool shades of hot pink, jeweled purple and crisp turquoise and teal can also look wonderful, and these are very good choices if you prefer a lighter color suit.

Warm, Cool, or Neutral?

Fair skin is not a one size fits all color. No matter how light the color of your skin, you can bet that your pigment has either cool, warm, or neutral undertones.

Warm Undertones

Fair skin with warm undertones look best in deep terracotta shades, olive greens, periwinkle and bright, almost tomato-colored reds. No matter what color you select, be sure to choose a shade that is slightly warm in nature.

Cool Undertones

Those with a cool undertone to their skin can look amazing in deep berry shades, jeweled purple, blues, and greens. Sharp, crisp white will also work well, as will alternating patterns of white and black.

Neutral Undertones

If you have a neutral skin tone, you can wear just about any color, but the color you choose should be muted in tone. Muted, or blunted shades of green, red, and orange should work very well with your skin tone.

Choose Pastel Shades with Care

While many different colors look attractive when paired with fair skin, you'll want to be especially careful when it comes to pastel shades of any color. Pastel colors might tend to make you look slightly washed out because they may blend into your skin tone a bit too much. The overall effect can leave you looking tired and worn-out.

Instead, think about choosing shades that will provide more of a "pop" to your overall color. On the other hand, if you love pastel shades, consider incorporating some of those colors into your accessories -- for example, a pastel-colored hat or shoes. Even a lightly-colored watch might fit the bill nicely.

Confident in Any Print

Those with fair skin tones can wear prints and patterned swimsuits if they like, but when selecting a patterned suit, pay special attention to the colors used. Depending on your undertone, you'll want to select a pattern that blends together shades that are right for your coloring. This way, no matter the type of suit you choose, you'll feel confident knowing that you are wearing the colors that are perfect for your unique complexion.

Swimsuit Colors for Fair Skin Tones