9 Travel Jewelry Case Styles (And Where to Get Them)

Updated March 8, 2018
isolated jewelry bag with gold bangles

Travel jewelry cases are the ideal way to carry jewelry with you on trips. Not only is a jewelry case great for keeping your jewelry tangle-free and easy to access, you can quickly stow it in a hotel room safe.

Styles of Travel Jewelry Cases

There are hundreds of different styles of jewelry cases that you can take with you when you travel. The main problem you'll have is deciding on just one option.

Jewelry Rolls

This style of jewelry case rolls closed upon itself. Some may tie with satin ribbons; others may have hook and loop closures hidden underneath a self-flap. All jewelry rolls have places to store your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings for travel.

The jewelry roll is one of the most popular choices because it's easy to pack in almost any bag and can accommodate a surprising amount of jewelry. It's great for keeping items from tangling, but since it's generally soft-sided, it doesn't provide much in the way of protection for your treasures.

One of these designs may be ideal for you:

Travel Smart by Conair Jewelry Roll Bag
Travel Smart by Conair Jewelry Roll Bag
  • Conair Travel Smart Jewelry Roll Bag - Affordable and practical, this basic jewelry roll features three zippered pouches and three pockets for chains and bracelets. It also has a handy hanger for display when you reach your destination. It sells for about $15 on Amazon.
  • Stackers Travel Jewelry Wrap - This fabric wrap from The Container Store has room for your entire collection. There's a ring roll, several zippered compartments, and plenty of room to store all your necklaces without worry of tangles. It retails for about $50.
  • Kay Jewelry Roll - This leather jewelry roll from Kay Jewelers is a great combination of style and practicality. It has three zippered pockets, a band for rings, and enough room for your essentials. It retails for about $50.

Hinged Jewelry Boxes

This type of travel case has ways to secure your jewelry that are similar to a stationary case or jewelry box that you might have at home, but most have additional methods to prevent your jewelry from rolling around and getting tangled.

The hinged travel jewelry box option has a few disadvantages to the jewelry roll. A hinged box is made out of rigid material that cannot mold itself to the shape of the contents within a suitcase or bag. The advantage of a hinged boxed is that your jewelry will have greater protection within the confined space of your luggage.

Consider the following designs:

  • Hives and Honey Travel Jewelry Case - Featuring compartments for each of your treasures, a ring roll, and a mirrored lid, this option from Hives and Honey is a stylish choice. It comes in a light pink finish and closes with a secure snap. It sells for about $50.
  • Train Case Jewelry Box - This design by Rebrilliant at Wayfair is based on the travel classic, the train case, and it has a secure lock and key. It comes in a dark, crocodile finish and retails for about $45.

Zippered Cases

Zippered cases go way beyond your traditional toiletry bag, offering features that work perfectly for storing and transporting your jewelry collection. Some feature handles and various sections for specific items.

These designs can be similar to hinged boxes, but the zipper is more secure than a clasp. Some offer flexible sides to make packing more convenient as well.

Consider one of these options:

  • Wolf Chloe Zip Jewelry Case - This stylish option, available at Gearys Beverly Hills, is made of ivory leather with a pretty punched design. It has dedicated sections for each type of jewelry and even has a removable zippered pouch for items you might want to put in your handbag. It retails for about $100.
  • Mckenna Jewelry Binder - This lovely design from Pottery Barn combines the practicality of a jewelry roll with the rigid sides of a case and adds the security of a zipper. If has a spot for rings, earrings, and hanging items, and it comes in four colors. You can even have it monogrammed. It retails for about $80.
  • BUBM Travel Jewelry Case - With its many zippered compartments and convenient handle, this design is the ultimate in practicality. It doesn't look as stylish as some other designs, but it makes up for that with its spaciousness and clever design. Plus, it sells for only about $10.

Choosing Your Jewelry Travel Storage

Now that you have a better idea of the various styles and materials that are available for travel jewelry cases, making a decision will be your biggest challenge. Decide what pieces of jewelry you will typically carry with you when you travel, and then select a piece that can accommodate them. That way, you'll always have the jewelry you need, no matter where you travel.

9 Travel Jewelry Case Styles (And Where to Get Them)