Turn Up Your Rocker Clothing Style With These Edgy Looks

Published June 1, 2018
Rocker Clothing Style

Spanning more than five decades and a multitude of variations, rocker accessories and clothing show no signs of going out of style. Whether you prefer the gothic, punk, 1990s grunge, or glam look, it's all about taking inspiration from old and new rock and roll bands to embrace your inner rocker chick.

All Leather Everything

If you're going to incorporate just one fabric into your outfits to achieve the rocker aesthetic, let it be leather.

Key Pieces

If you're not used to wearing leather, you can start with one or key piece, such as a jacket or skirt, and then gradually build up your closet. However, if you're already a leather lover, why not be daring and go for all-leather ensembles that resonate attitude. Think hardcore biker babe for inspiration.

All Leather Everything

Simply throw on a leather jacket with buckles over a black top and leather pants. Then finish off the look with leather fingerless gloves, a leather belt, and sunglasses for ultimate sexy cool.

I'm With the Band

This aesthetic is all about using your favorite rock band t-shirt as a key piece and building a quirky and distinctive outfit around it.

Styling the Band T-Shirt

Ideal for casual affairs, combine your rock band t-shirt with ripped jeans and a beanie hat for simplistic yet sassy rocker style. To dress up the ensemble even further, add layered necklaces and bracelets adorned with spikes and super funky micro sunglasses.

I'm with the band

Retro Grunge

Inspired by 1990s grunge fashion, this retro aesthetic nods to rocker fashion in a number of ways.

'90s Inspiration

By teaming a 90s-style plaid shirt with casual jeans and a crop top, it creates a minimalistic yet impactful look. You can make it as colorful or as muted as you like; however, rocker clothing is known to feature dark, rich hues to emulate the style of the grunge music it derives from.

Retro Grunge

To enhance the retro feel, don't forget your 90s-style plastic choker and rope necklace combination.

Punky Tartan

To epitomize the punk rock fashion movement of the seventies, consider implementing a little bit of tartan into your closet.

Rocking the Tartan Mini

For instance, a tartan miniskirt is a rocker chick staple, and looks fabulous when paired with black separates that allow it to stand out and do the talking. Add a touch of glamor to the aesthetic with black lace-up high-heeled boots and sheer gloves for an elegant take on conventional punk fashion.

Punky Tartan

Amp Up the Drama

With this rocker aesthetic, more is definitely more! Let out your inner maximalist and opt for a gothic, all-black ensemble that makes a serious style statement.

Beautiful in Black

Torn leggings paired with a tulle skirt and basic tank top are a must. In terms of accessories, opt for lace gloves, layered necklaces and bracelets, a thick waist belt, and headband worn around the head like a hippie.

Amp up the drama

The idea is to make your outfit look as effortlessly thrown-together as possible to create a dramatic, head-turning appearance.

Glam Rocker Chic

It's easy to put a glamorous, contemporary spin on classic rocker style once you know how.

Glamming It Up

Grab a pair of standout black leggings that are torn, cutout, or even laced up to serve as the centerpiece of your outfit. Then pair them with a basic white t-shirt and stompy Doc Marten-style boots. If it's cold outside, throw on a leather jacket.

Glam Rocker Chic

To add visual intrigue for a smart casual event, use accessories like sparkly statement earrings and a 70s-inspired floppy fedora hat for ultimate rocker chic.

Edgy Androgyny

This aesthetic is all about embracing your masculine side to create edgy and eclectic vibes.

Getting the Look

Merely rock a relaxed, oversized t-shirt in a casual stripe or camo print with boyfriend fit jeans and gentlemanly brogues. Then finish off your outfit with a military-style jacket that features studs, buckles and chains and a spikey choker necklace for a fierce, assertive look.

Edgy Androgyny

Animalistic Goth

Bring spirit and finesse to your rocker girl look by injecting some animal print.

Letting Out Your Inner Animal

To create a loud and proud aesthetic that isn't afraid to be different, wear a leopard print dress with torn leggings, a leather jacket, and studded boots. For a feminine touch, belt your dress at the waist and add a scarf in a bright hue for an extra pop of color.

Animalistic Goth

If you're heading to a smarter event, swap the boots for black stilettos and the scarf for a statement necklace.

Be the Ultimate Rock Chick

The great thing about rocker fashion is that it's fun as well as fashionable. Due to the different variations, it never gets old, and you can mix and match several aspects to create unique and eye-catching looks. And always remember: all you need is confidence to embrace your inner rocker chick.

Turn Up Your Rocker Clothing Style With These Edgy Looks