Twist Care for Natural Hair

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Twists are a great way to get a gorgeous style that can be worn for an extended period of time without putting in a lot of effort. Getting the look involves twisting strands of hair together to give an illusion of loose dreadlocks. Twists can be fairly easy to maintain and care for once they are in; learn the basics of proper care to ensure your hair continues to look its best.

Caring for Twists

It's important to remain attentive to your twists as you would any other hairstyle. Proper care and maintenance will help them look their best for the longest amount of time. Twists can last for several weeks - sometimes even more than six weeks.


Twists are fairly easy to maintain once you get a set routine down. To help make the process easier, focus on these tips:

  • Make sure your hair is twisted to the ends when you get it done. Any untwisted portion will tend to fray and cause split ends over time.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to help you maintain smooth twists and protect your hair so it will still be healthy and gorgeous when you are ready to take them out.
  • Focus attention to the ends of your hair. As the ends are the oldest part, they are also likely the most damaged. Don't neglect them while you are sporting twisted hair.
  • Braid your twists together in several fat braids before washing them to help keep them from unraveling.
  • Tossing and turning can give you a tangled mess, so protect your head and wrap it in a light, turban style towel while you are sleeping.


A common myth is that you cannot wash your hair while waiting for your twists to "lock" into dreads, but this is not true. Cleanliness is ideal with twisted hair, and can in fact help to preserve your hair's condition. Twists will actually begin to "lock" more quickly when you wash your hair regularly.

  • Wash your twists at least once a week, and ideally every three days, unless you plan on removing them soon. If you're getting ready to take them out, wash less frequently to keep them from locking up.
  • Use a residue-free shampoo to help prevent your hair from becoming greasy or gunky. While people with unbound hairstyles are able to release typical shampoo residue from their mane when they are brushing, twists don't get brushed.
  • Follow with a leave-in conditioner or dread cream to replenish and restore the hair.

Products for Twist Care

Black women know that no matter what style you choose, having quality hair products can make a world of difference. Twists in particular needs special treatment, and using the right ingredients can help them look their best.

Try a few of these products to help your twists look great:

  • Uni-Locs Residue Free Shampoo Bars: These bars are 100 percent natural and rinse free without leaving any residue behind, which is essential for twists because they are so closely bound. This type of shampoo also helps to strengthen your hair, which is great if you're using twists as a protective or transitional style.
  • As I Am Twist Defining Cream: This thick cream is perfect for helping to shape and smooth your twists, as well as protect the fragile ends. You can also use it to define your curls when you remove your twists for a twist out.
  • Jane Carter Creamy Leave In Styling Smoother: This is the perfect product to help shape and hold your twists, as well as smooth and define any fly-away sections.
  • Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Duo: This shampoo and conditioner set contains no petroleum, parabens or sulfates so it rinses out of twists easily without leaving any residue behind and leaves your locks very soft and well nourished.
  • Just Natural Leave-In Conditioner: This thick, creamy leave-in conditioner is 100 percent natural with no chemicals so it won't irritate your scalp while it smoothes and moisturizes your twists.

Start Twisting

Twists can be a great way to bring new excitement to your style and to your social life. Pay a visit to your favorite salon for more tips and advice regarding this popular styling process.

Twist Care for Natural Hair