Types of Fashion Styles

Published January 24, 2018
Woman considering buying fashionable pink jacket

Are you bored with your wardrobe or want to try a different look? Giving yourself a fashion overhaul can make you feel renewed, positive, and fabulous! Whether you want to wow a date, dress to impress on your first day of school, or get that job you've been longing for, here are eleven types of fashion styles for you to explore.


The rocker look has been around for decades, and can have a fierce or edgy vibe. The rocker fashion style can be mixed and matched with many of your wardrobe faves - think ripped jeans and motorcycle boots. Recreate the rocker babe style with a band t-shirt, leather pants and jacket, and high heel booties (those adorned with either studs or animal print will add even more rocker appeal).

Rocker style woman posing in alley


Boho-chic is a type of style from bohemian and hippie influences that has repeatedly resurfaced since the mid-to-late 19th century (it was especially popular in the 60s and 90s) and reemerged in late 2005. It took off in the United Kingdom, initially with supermodel Kate Moss and then with actress Sienna Miller, and in the United States with Mary-Kate Olsen. Replicate this style by wearing floaty maxi dresses, bell sleeve tops, and palazzo pants. Minimal makeup will give a natural glow, like a true boho babe.

Boho girl in white dress on beach


This style has been around forever, and it doesn't pay attention to the latest trends. It focuses on simplicity and casual pieces that work all year round. Team a striped tee with dark washed denim and add feminine details. You can also add accessories like white kitten heels, a black satchel, and cat-eye sunglasses.

Classically styled smiling woman sitting on floor


Feel like you've just walked off a set for a country music video with this look. Lots of washed out denim, cowgirl hat, tassels, and cowboy boots are what style is all about! Pull off a Carrie Underwood with blonde bombshell hair and nude makeup!

Cowgirl in dress sitting on porch


Preppy fashions originated in the 1960s by designers Lilly Pulitzer and Perry Ellis who were inspired by designers such as Oleg Cassini. But the trend became popular with the help of the female students at the Seven Sisters Colleges, the sister institutions to the Ivy League. Examples of preppy attire include wrap dresses, argyle sweaters, A-line skirts, and shift dresses. Accessorize outfits with a pearl necklace, headband, and penny loafers.

Woman in preppy black shift dress


Bring back the 90s with a full-on grunge look. Stone-washed denim shorts, a slogan tee, and flannel are part of your starter kit to trying this style. Check out movies like Really Vibes and Empire Records to put your outfits together.

Model in grunge fashion on white background


A prim and proper girlу look is ideal for a serious occasion. For that job interview, or a date, a skater skirt and fitted lace top is sophisticated ways of rocking a girlier style. Casual dresses with lace are girly looks that can be worn for more laid-back occasions. Grab the curlers and create full Hollywood Siren waves to finish off this gorgeous look.

Woman with lace dress, big hair


Hipster so many many negative connotations, but the looks is so easy to achieve! Edgy and fresh, you won't get enough of your new style. Overalls, Vans shoes, and cute rucksacks are how you can incorporate the hipster look into your wardrobe. Finish the look with a top knot and get ready to get Instagramming!

Hipster woman in overalls drinking tea


This style stays away from trends and focuses on making a statement while experimenting with colors, patterns, and artsy construction. Eclectic styles include blouses with 3D blossoms or embroidery, asymmetrical skirts, and metallic accessories.

Woman wearing bright and eclectic fashion


If you're not into the Sportу Spice look but still want to inject a laid-back vibe to your everyday look, the athletic look is what you have been searching for. All you need to replicate this look are running shoes (or regular sneakers), joggers, leggings, or sweatpants, and a basic tee. A sportу top and ripped shorts will be your favorite combo summer! Team with some white sneakers and fishnet socks for an urban edge.

Sporty women, dancing in the beach


Women who wear gothic style will typically be seen wearing head-to-toe black. Wear a tight-fitting black dress or pair a black top with a black lace skirt and get intricate accessories - think studs, chains, and spikes. Complete the look with black boots, black lips, and hair.

Gothic woman dressed in all black

Trends Fade But Style Is Forever

What society considers alternative is constantly changing because pop culture is always in flux. These subcultures have all been considered alternative at some point, but many have also spent time within mainstream popularity. They have been seen on fashion runways as well as department stores. Even after they lose their mainstream steam, they are still readily available.

What makes many of these fashion styles appealing is that the root influences never change. If you are into a certain style because you appreciate the lifestyle, you can dress in those looks long after the trend fades. By knowing how key pieces and accessories can help define a fashion, you can create your own looks and try new styles, too.

Types of Fashion Styles