7 Steps for Under Curling Your Lower Eyelashes

Eyelash curler

Under curling eyelashes can help open up your eyes and make eyes look bigger. While many women are familiar with curling the top lashes, curling the lower lashes isn't difficult, and can bring even more attention to the eyes.

Simple Steps to Under Curling Eyelashes

  • Disclaimer: Never use an eyelash curler with an old pad. When it wears too much, there is greater risk of damage to the eyelashes. Keep a replacement pad on hand and check periodically to see if the curling pad is worn, at least every two months.

Always use a gentle hand and a clean eyelash curler to begin. Pulling on the eyes or lashes can cause the delicate skin around the eye to stretch and sag, and pulling on the lashes can be damaging to the lash bed and cause lashes to fall out. Also be sure to curl lashes before putting on mascara to avoid lash breakage.

Done gently and properly, under curling lashes won't result in damage, just more beautiful eyes.

To under curl eyelashes:

  1. Start with the top lashes, and position the eyelash curler comfortably at the root of the lash bed.
  2. Curl top lashes by pressing down with the eyelash curler for a few seconds and moving up a little bit at a time. (Hint: don't curl too close to the tip of the lashes, or they will look crimped instead of curled).
  3. Once the top lashes are finished, you can under curl the lower lashes by turning the lash curler upside down and placing at the bed of the lower lashes.
  4. Open eyes and tilt the head downward for the easiest access to lower lashes.
  5. Gently curl the initial portion of the lashes.
  6. Work your way down the lower lashes in intervals and curl just as with top lashes.
  7. If you have deep set eyes, you may want to stop under curling in the middle of the lower eyelashes to avoid over curling lashes and pushing them into the skin.

Applying Mascara to Under Curled Lashes

Applying mascara can really add extra dimension and drama to eyes, especially after they've been curled. Many women avoid applying mascara to the shorter lower lashes, but they can look beautiful with a touch of mascara after under curling.

To apply mascara to under curled lashes:

  1. As with curling, start with the top lashes and apply a single coat of mascara from root to tip and allow to dry.
  2. With head tilted downward (you can raise your eyebrows or open your mouth slightly to better access the lashes) hold the mascara wand vertically to catch all the lashes and begin apply one small section at a time.
  3. Using the lower half of the mascara wand, coat all the under curled lashes.
  4. Once mascara is dry, comb through upper and lower lashes.
  5. Apply a second or additional coats of mascara as desired.

Since under curling eyelashes extends the lower lashes, be sure to use a good quality mascara that doesn't smudge or bleed.

Tips for Natural Eyelashes That Curl Downward or Under

Lashes can seem to curl downward.

Some women have top lashes that curl downward or seem to curl under the lid. This may be to the shape or set of eyes and the length of lashes, and many women of Asian descent experience this issue. A great makeup tip for Asian women or other women whose lashes seem to curl down is simply using an eyelash curler on the top lashes to help draw them out and appear more prominent.

If your top lashes seem to curl down or under naturally, you might also want to experiment with different mascara formulas to see what works best. Some women feel that waterproof and heavier mascara formulas hold the curl better. Other women, especially those with fine lashes, may find they need lighter mascara formulas (Cover Girl Professional and Maybelline Illegal Lengths are fairly light and dry quickly for those with fine lashes).

Curling mascara formulas can also help draw out lashes that are curling under or down. These are typically a bit denser and may coat the lashes with polymers using shaped wands.

Get an instant lift with an eyelash curler and coat of mascara.

Mascaras that provide great results for very straight or inverted eyelashes include:

Other options to consider for stubborn lashes are eyelash extensions or false eyelashes.

7 Steps for Under Curling Your Lower Eyelashes