Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls

Wedding Hair for Little Girls

Whether your little girl is acting as a flower girl in a wedding or just going as a member of the audience, take the time to make sure her hair matches her dress and the overall style and theme of the wedding. There are numerous hair styles for little girls perfect for weddings, from braids and buns to curls and looks enhanced by hair accessories. Learn some of the best ways to style her hair to get the look completely right.

Loose Half Braid

If your little girl has long hair and can be kept from messing with it once it's done, consider doing a loose half braid to contain the front portion of the hair. Start a French braid at the crown of the head, pulling back the front and sides, then let the braid fall into the rest of the hair. Curl the remaining hair and secure the braid with bobby pins.

High Bun

If you're accessorizing with a tiara or if the dress the young lady is wearing is reminiscent of a ballerina's, consider a high bun. Tiaras, hair clips and small flower wreaths can be fastened around the bun to help keep it in place while dressing it up for the occasion.

Faux Bun

For girls that don't have hair quite long enough to make a thick bun, you can create the illusion of a bun by drawing the hair into a ponytail, and curling the ends over the elastic before spraying and pinning them in place.

Curled Updo

Girls who want a fancier look can try this curled updo. Gather the hair into a ponytail or clip on the back of the head and separate it into several sections. Curl each section and pin closely to the head with bobby pins to get an elaborate curled updo look.

Heart Braids

Girls who have long hair can sport this heart braid. Divide the top section of the hair evenly and begin a small French braid on each side part way down the back, braiding first up, then curving out to the sides. Braid the long loose pieces that remain and secure the ends together to form a heart. If the rest of the hair is long enough, pull it all back into a braid just below the heart.

Side Twists

If a flower wreath, veil or larger tiara is planned, consider pulling the sides of the hair back into twists that fasten in the back. This style is beneficial in two ways: it helps contain the hair in the front so it doesn't become messy under the wreath and it gives the wreath a platform to support it. This style works on hair of many different lengths.

Flower Braids

Evoke the look of a floral hair wreath without having to place something potentially scratching or distracting on top of the head with some flower braids. Weave long-stemmed fake flowers into the hair as you braid it, with or without ribbons. Tie the two braids together at the ends to create the illusion of a crown.

Hair Clip

If the little girl's hair is very fine or too short to pull up properly, consider anchoring one side of it away from the face with a large clip such as the floral one pictured here. This helps contain the hair and give it some style without the worry of a more elaborate hairdo falling out as the day goes on.

Braided Crown

Hair that is chin length or longer can be worked into French or inside-out braids that circle the entire head. Use either two separate braids beginning at the crown and working down, or begin below one ear and braid all the way around the head, pulling the hair down smoothly as you work.

Loose Curls

Older girls that want to wear their hair down may find that the best way to wear it is to pull back the front section and curl the rest into soft curls that fall down the back. Incorporate the wedding colors into the clip or ribbon that holds the hair to add a touch of color.

While it isn't necessary for the flower girl to match the rest of the wedding party, do keep the other styles in mind; a simple version of a bridesmaid's hairdo on a younger girl may be just the right look for the wedding.

Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls