What Finger Do You Wear an Anniversary Ring On?

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If you've recently celebrated a special anniversary with the purchase of a new ring, you may find yourself wondering where to place the ring. While there's no set rule about this type of jewelry, there are some guidelines that can help to clear things up.

Anniversary Ring Placement Options

How you wear your anniversary ring depends on the style of ring you select. It also depends on the type of engagement and wedding rings you currently wear. If you wear your engagement set on your left ring finger, you may need to choose another location for your anniversary band. Use these guidelines to help you decide how to wear your new ring.

Elaborate Designs

If your anniversary band is a right-hand ring or is more ornate than your wedding set, wear it on your right ring finger. Whether you choose a three-stone design or another style, wearing your new ring on the other hand allows you to display the ring properly. If you're right handed, be sure to choose an anniversary ring durable enough to stand up to the abuse most people inflict on right-hand jewelry. Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are all quite durable stones and make excellent right-hand options.

Eternity Bands

Because of their simple design, anniversary bands give you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to selecting a finger. To really set off your new band, choose the right hand. However, the uncomplicated design also means you can wear an eternity band on your left middle finger or stacked with your engagement and wedding ring. Keep the following in mind as you decide:

  • Does the eternity band feature the same gems and metals as your wedding set? If so, consider wearing it on your left hand. If not, choose your right hand.
  • Are you comfortable wearing your anniversary band on the same hand or finger as your wedding set? Try on the ring to make sure it isn't too bulky.
  • What's your personal preference? Since there are no set rules when it comes to eternity bands or other anniversary rings, it's important you choose the finger you think looks best.

Engagement-Style Rings

If your new anniversary ring is a belated engagement ring, then you may want to wear it on your left ring finger. To decide, consider the style of your wedding band. Is it elaborately engraved and set with diamonds? Or is it a simple gold or platinum band? If your wedding ring is simple, you may want to stack the rings together on your left ring finger. When stacking rings on the left ring finger, etiquette dictates the anniversary band goes first, the engagement ring second, and the wedding ring third.

Personal Preference

Ultimately the style of anniversary band you choose will depend on your personal preference, and the same is true for how you decide to wear your ring. If you're still asking yourself, "What finger do you wear an anniversary ring on?" simply try on a few rings. When you see the anniversary ring on your hand, you'll know the best way to show it off.

What Finger Do You Wear an Anniversary Ring On?