Jewelry to Wear With a Black Dress (For Any Occasion)

Updated April 2, 2018
black dress with jewelry

As you prepare to head out for an upcoming night out on the town or smart casual occasion, you might be wondering what jewelry is appropriate for a black dress. In general, when it comes to matching a little black dress (LBD), just about anything goes!

Appropriate Jewelry for a Black Dress

In many cases, you can use accessories to alter the style and formality level of a black dress, which is why it's very important to give your jewelry selection the thought it deserves. There are a few things to consider when picking jewelry to wear with your LBD.

Type of Occasion

The LBD can see you through a casual date or a formal cocktail party. It all comes down to the jewelry.

  • For casual occasions, like lunch with friends or a family daytime birthday party, it's best to dress your LBD down with a shell necklace or bohemian dangling earrings. You can also pile on the bangles and stack costume rings for a little extra jingly flair.
  • When it comes to smart casual events, like a retirement party or dinner date, opt for elegant pendant necklaces, wearable chain bracelets, and minimalistic metal rings.
  • For a more formal occasion, like a wedding or black tie event, simply add sparkle. Consider wearing fine jewelry or tasteful costume jewelry to increase the formality level of your look. You might consider a glitzy pin or a simple bracelet.
Young woman wearing black dress at cocktail party


Almost everything goes with black, which is one of the main reasons why LBDs are so wearable.

  • Other classic hues, like red, white and tan, work well with your LBD. Rich colors, like fuchsia, sunshine yellow and cobalt blue, also look great.
  • In terms of metals, both silver and gold create a chic and sophisticated aesthetic.
  • However, there are certain colors that just don't work. As a rule, it's a good idea to avoid wearing jewelry that features navy blue or brown when you are wearing black clothing. Washed out hues also don't complement a LBD, because black looks too harsh against them.
woman in black dress with colorful earrings


The neckline of your dress will also limit your jewelry choices. Use these guidelines to choose the best necklace length for your dress's neckline:

  • A square or scoop neckline looks good with a variety of styles. Always make sure your necklace is either longer or shorter than the neckline of the dress to accentuate your assets.
  • Strapless dresses often look best with short necklaces like chokers.
  • V-shaped necklines look particularly fabulous with pendants, since they tend to echo the v-neck.
Woman with necklace


If your black dress features beading, sequins, or other ornamentation, it's best to keep your jewelry simplistic.

  • Stick to a single color of material if you're going for full-on sparkle. The ornamentation of the dress should be the focus of your appearance.
  • You can also consider a basic bracelet, hoop earrings or an understated ring. Although, try to avoid having more than two jewelry adornments as this starts to look too much with your already-glitzy LBD.
woman in sequin black dress with bracelet

Body Type

Body type is another important consideration when figuring out what jewelry is appropriate for a black dress.

  • Choose jewelry that complements, rather than accentuates, your body type. If you are curvy, you can get away with larger, standout pieces. Statement necklaces, in particular, will draw attention away from your chest if you're busty.
  • If you have a small neck, don't drown it with large, overpowering necklaces. Jewelry items could seem overwhelming on a small body frame, therefore opt for cute, dainty choices that are more minimalistic.
  • In addition, long necklaces look the most flattering on taller women, as they can decrease length away from your body.
woman wearing beautiful jewelry in a dark room

Finding the Right Jewelry for Your LBD

The great thing about LBDs is their versatility. You can have fun with your accessories and jewelry since you won't need to worry about matching a specific dress color. Consider the occasion and mix and match different options to find out what works for your specific body type and personal style - and it won't be long before you stumble upon the perfect combination.

Jewelry to Wear With a Black Dress (For Any Occasion)