13 Yin Yang Jewelry Pieces Filled With Meaning

Published January 24, 2018
Yin Yang Symbol

The yin yang symbol is a full circle consisting of black and white colors, positioned opposite each other, with a "s" shape separating the two. Each side also has a tiny defined dot of color from its opposite side. This symbol represents the balance in our universe, and makes yin yang jewelry popular in a variety of forms.


Wearing the yin yang symbol in the form of jewelry helps many people get through their day with ease and positivity, and one of the most popular styles are necklaces. Whether you plan to wear these necklaces discreetly under your sweater, or shown off with a low cut blouse, you can feel confident that you have the yin yang symbol close to your heart:

  • This Sterling Silver Yin Yang Necklace from Overstock.com is the perfect example of a very traditional yin yang necklace. Priced at about $35, this sterling silver necklace has five-star reviews. This beautiful necklace is 18 inches long and is a box chain style. The yin yang pendant is one inch and perfect for everyday wear.
  • Looking for a fancier necklace? Look no further, this Diamond Yin Yang Necklace from Macy's is uber sophisticated. Featuring white and black diamonds set in 14K white gold, it has a yin yang symbol that dangles from a link chain that is 16 inches long. Priced around $550, this would make an excellent gift.
  • Many people fall in love with the yin yang symbol for its deeper meanings, and one way to express your gratitude for your best friend is by gifting them a Yin Yang Best Friend Necklace. This necklace (about $8) symbolizes the balance of friendship and how it takes two personalities to balance out the relationship. To show your bestie that having her in your life makes you feel complete, keep half of this necklace duo for yourself and gift your friend the other. Made of synthetic yellow gold metals, this necklace is on the shorter side, which makes it a great statement necklace to show off.
    Yin Yang Best Friend Necklace
    Yin Yang Best Friend Necklace


Yin yang rings are a perfect little reminder that even if your surroundings aren't Feng Shui perfect, at least your hand is:

  • When you think of a yin yang ring, you probably wouldn't picture something as cool as this Men's Yin Yang Ring. Made of sterling silver, this ring (about $40) has style. It's on the thicker side, and has a beautiful filigree design going halfway around the band, on each side. This ring is edgy and can be worn with jeans and a blazer for a modern vibe.
  • Another cool way to wear rings in general is by stacking them on top of each other. This Multiple Yin Yang Ring is perfect for stacking. Made of sterling silver, this ring features six yin yang symbols placed around its band. Priced at around $15, this is a very affordable ring and perfect for everyday, laid-back wear.
  • Most yin yang jewelry is unisex, however sometimes some pieces are marketed as more feminine than others, like this Women's Yin Yang Ring. This ring is designed to elongate the finger, and the floral detailing on its sterling silver band makes this ring stand out. Priced at roughly $25, this ring is beautiful enough to wear to work, and perfect to wear with a dress on date night.
Women's Yin Yang Ring
Women's Yin Yang Ring


A fun way to show off your unique fashion sense, you can also layer these bracelets for a stylish vibe:

  • More of a fashion-forward bracelet, this Chrysalis Expandable Bangle hits the mark at a cost of $35. This yin yang charm bangle is rhodium flash plated, and one size fits all.
  • Seeking karma and luck in a high-end piece? Consider this Black Peacock Pearl Beaded Bracelet with Diamond Yin Yang Charm from Bergdorf Goodman. Available for about $950, this natural, freshwater black pearl slip-on bracelet features a black and white diamond yin yang charm. Wear it to special occasions and let the positivity flow!
  • This Handmade Yin Yang Bracelet is perfectly simple and chic. It makes a statement without going overboard, and it looks extremely effortless. This unisex bracelet comes with a few options and retails for around $15. The cord part, made of wax, comes in an array of over 15 colors, and you can choose the cord size- starting at 6.5 inches and going up to 9 inches long, depending on your wrist size.
Handmade Yin Yang Bracelet
Handmade Yin Yang Bracelet


Whether shown off with an updo, or flaunted with your hair behind your ears, these yin yang earrings are made to be seen:

  • Buddha Groove makes this stunning pair of drop Black Onyx and Mother of Pearl yin yang earrings. Their sterling silver ear wires are comfortable, and the overall look of these earrings is delicate. Retailing for about $20, these intricately beautiful earrings go with just about anything.
  • These no-frills Stud Yin Yang Earrings are simple in style. Made from sterling silver, these earrings are great for people with multiple holes in their ears. These make a nice addition to any ear looking for that extra something. Priced at about $15, these are an affordable buy.
  • If you're looking for fine jewelry, Sydney Evans created this elegant White Gold and Diamond Stud Earring Set. What's so special about this set? If you aren't ready to splurge a total of $840 on both studs, Sydney Evans makes it possible to purchase just one earring at $420. It could be a good option for those with just one piercing. It has pave-set diamonds and each stud measures 1/5-inch in diameter.
  • A similar style to the Sydney Evans earrings that costs a bit less at just under $190, the DazzlingRocks White Gold and Diamond Stud Set features 14K white gold and black and opaque diamonds in a pretty yin yang design.
White Gold Diamond Stud Earring Set
White Gold Diamond Stud Earring Set

Feng Shui All Day

An easy way to bring harmony and balance into your life is through the yin yang symbol. Yin yang jewelry ranges from fun to fine and can be a way to carry positive vibes with you throughout the day and well into the night. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system, and the yin yang symbol is an excellent way to illustrate how opposites make a whole. Wearing the jewelry of your choice lets you show the world what that means to you, energy-wise.

13 Yin Yang Jewelry Pieces Filled With Meaning