Top 7 Medical Websites

Updated April 26, 2018
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When looking for information on medical conditions, pharmaceutical drugs and improving your overall health, it's important to find sites that have reputable, research-based information. It's also important to use the internet to help you learn more about a condition, but not to self-diagnose. Always consult with a qualified medical professional to discuss your research and health needs.

1. Iodine

This colorful website won the 2018 Webby Award for the Health category. The medical site has a graphically pleasing interface that lets you find information on any type of medication quickly. The medication descriptions are well-researched yet written in plain language for the everyday person who needs to learn more about his or her prescriptions. You can compare medications and also view potential side-effects and interactions with other drugs.

2. Medline Plus

Medline Plus is run under the auspices of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Information on the site is updated daily and based on scientific research. The site has received multiple awards over the years and approximately one million people per day access Medline Plus for their health care information needs. The site has information on diseases, health conditions, pharmaceutical drugs, diets and supplements, lab tests and some videos and fun tools to learn more about medical care.


3. U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website has a huge amount of information for professionals and consumers. The consumer section contains updates on important health-related recalls and safety warnings and trending medical care topics for humans and pets. All information on the site is carefully vetted by the FDA to ensure the highest level of public safety.

4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) exemplifies the site motto "CDC 24/7: Saving Lives, Protecting People." The site is a regularly updated encyclopedia of medical knowledge for professionals and consumers with information on everything from diseases, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and travel-related health issues to emergency preparedness. The CDC's mission is ensuring the health and safety of the public and funds critical research, making their information database a highly reliable and authoritative one.

5. WebMD

WebMD is one of the most popular non-governmental medical websites in the world. It wins awards every year from a variety of health, marketing and advertising professionals. Consumers can find information on almost any conceivable health question, check their symptoms, find doctors local to them, compare drug pricing and receive the latest health news. There are also useful lifestyle tools such as calculators for BMI, calories and ovulation on this top medical website.


6. ScienceDaily

ScienceDaily provides articles on all the latest published research on medical conditions. The research is written up in easy-to-read summaries, often with interviews of the principal investigators, and links to the actual journal articles. Users can also subscribe to email newsletters and RSS feeds based on their area of interest. Information on the site is updated multiple times a day and is focused on studies published in peer-reviewed journals and performed at top universities and research facilities. It is a premier source for quality research-backed medical information.

7. The Mayo Clinic

The website for the highly respected Mayo Clinic has a wealth of information for consumers of all ages. Senior Living gives it a nod for being one of the best health-related websites for seniors. It has received numerous awards including best overall internet site. Whether or not you are a patient, the site provides information for the public on common health care conditions, symptoms, medical procedures and tips for living healthier.

Top 7 Medical Websites