Relaxation Gift Basket Ideas and Shopping Guide

Updated October 15, 2022
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What's your go-to gift when you get invited to an event that requires you to bring a little something special? Perhaps you've been invited to a loved one's birthday celebration, a housewarming party, or a baby or bridal shower. One of the best gifts you can give someone is relaxation. And while you can't magically wipe away stress, you can make a relaxation gift basket that provides everything they need to unwind

and reset whenever they have the chance to. Relaxation gift baskets might not be able to grant a person some downtime, however, they certainly can enhance it.

Where To Find Relaxation Gift Baskets Online

A gift basket is a great way to combine a variety of small gifts in one unique package, centered around a specific theme. A relaxation gift basket is traditionally filled with items that a person might use to de-stress. These items could include bubble bath, candles, essential oils, teas, or something cozy to make the person feel extra comfortable.

If you're interested in giving a loved one the gift of relaxation, you can explore several online boutiques that offer a variety of gift basket options. Some businesses allow you to customize the contents of your gift basket, while others offer specially curated bundles. Explore the different options and find the gift basket that best suits your relaxation needs.

Some places to explore premade gifts baskets include:

  • Adorable Gift Baskets - This boutique offers a wide variety of relaxation-themed gift baskets for every occasion from Mother's Day to get-well packages. Some items included are body lotions, cancels, face masks, and teas. Prices vary from around $50 to about $130.
  • Blissful Balance - This shop has many different relaxing spa gift baskets to choose from. Some items included are body scrubs, face masks, body oils, and muscle relief balm. You can also purchase some single items themselves to add to a DIY gift basket of your own. Prices start at around $67 and end at around $270 for their largest basket.
  • Knack Shops - This shop has several different de-stress packages to choose from. Some are simple and only contain three items, and others are more elaborate. Popular items included in their baskets are candles, face masks, succulents, and bath salts. The costs range from around $50 to about $250.
  • Mindful Gifts - This company has a wide variety of gift baskets to choose from, and also allows customers the opportunity to create their own. Their baskets include essential oils, candles, and exfoliating soaps. Costs start at around $30 and their most expensive is around $200.
  • Packed With Purpose - This boutique offers several gift baskets to help people unwind and includes items such as stress balls, essential oils, hand-poured soaps, and an all-ages coloring book. Prices range from about $40 to $80.
  • The Best Gourmet Gifts - This shop offers a variety of gift baskets to choose from. Some popular items included are bath bombs, candles, caramel candies, and face rollers. They also have single items you can purchase to complete a gift basket you make on your own. Prices range from about $35 to $150.

Some of the companies listed above even have relaxation gift baskets aimed at helping moms relax, supporting men's mental health, and letting someone who is sick know you care about their well-being. You might even want to consider a subscription box like Introverts Retreat that provides monthly boxes including a book and other goodies for relaxation.

Explore the options available, pick up some items for a do-it-yourself basket, or just browse the items included and get inspiration for what you would want to include.

How to Make Your Own Relaxation Gift Basket

You don't have to purchase your gift basket from an online boutique. For a personal touch that can also help you save money, you can take a DIY approach and make a relaxation gift basket yourself.

You'll be able to personalize all aspects of the gift basket from the packaging to all of the goodies inside. You might even discover that you have a lot of fun putting it together. You can look to the steps below to guide you in putting together a DIY relaxation gift basket.

1. Choose Your Goodies

Before you can start putting your basket together, you need to choose what you want to include in it. You might already have a good idea of the kinds of goodies you'll need.

Online gift baskets might help to spark some ideas. Or you can brainstorm self-care items you turn to when you feel stressed, or even reflect on some of the favorite items of the person who will receive the gift basket. Keep your budget in mind and decide on the size of the gift basket beforehand to keep you accountable.

You might want to include items such as:

  • A bathrobe or small throw blanket
  • A bottle of wine or sparkling cider
  • A mindfulness coloring book or your favorite self-help read
  • Bath salts, scrubs, and bath bubbles
  • Chocolates or comfort foods
  • Cozy slippers or socks
  • Essential oils
  • Face masks
  • Scented candles
  • Teas or hot chocolate

You can also include items that your loved one would simply appreciate, even if it doesn't necessarily fit with the relaxation theme. For example, if your loved one likes stickers or is into scrapbooking, go ahead and put those supplies in. There's no right or wrong way to make a basket, so don't worry about needing to stay completely on theme.

2. Find Your Supplies

After you have your list of items, you're ready to start bringing them off the paper and into your shopping cart. You might find it helpful to choose the container for your basket first before finding all of the smaller items. This way you can gauge how many items you will need down the line. It can be as simple as a plain basket or as elaborate as you want it to be, such as buying a foot spa and using it as your container.

Then, shop around for the smaller items you want to include in your basket. If you do your shopping in person, you can bring the container with you to help you get a better idea of how many items will fit. If you do your shopping online, purchase the items that you really want to include first. Then, if you realize you have more space, you can order some of the items that were lower on your list.

3. Fill the Basket

A lot of people might struggle in preparing a pageant-worthy gift basket. Sure, it might be a plus if your gift basket is visually stunning. However, it's the items inside, and (more importantly) the thought that counts.

The main goal is to be able to fit all of your items inside the container you chose for your gift basket. Stack items however you think is best, and don't be afraid to use some tape to keep the items in place.

If you begin to fill your basket and notice that not all of the items will fit inside, that's okay. You can tape these items to the outside of the basket, save them as a gift for a different loved one, or even treat yourself to some relaxation time and use them on your own.

4. Wrap it up

This last step is optional, but you can use clear, decorative wrap to place over your gift basket if you choose. This can give your gift a little extra flare, and might also help all of the contents stay inside the container when you transform the gift to your loved one. Tip: If you use cellophane wrap, you can use a hairdryer to heat the material and help it cling better to the container

If you want to give your basket a fuller look, you can also add some stuffing or tissue paper to fill in any gaps between items and conceal the bottom of the container. For the finishing touches, you can decorate the top of the basket with bows or ribbons.

At the end of the day, you're doing something kind and thoughtful for a person you care about. Some aspects of the project might be more difficult than others, but try and have as much fun as you can in the process. You've chosen to give a gift that highlights the importance of a person's well-being, and you shouldn't forget to take care of your own along the way.

Relaxation Gift Basket Ideas and Shopping Guide