Acceptance Speech Example

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If you receive an award that's presented at a public event or membership gathering, you will be expected to deliver a short acceptance speech. This speech is your chance to say thank you to the awarding organization or individuals and also serve as an inspiration to others who may have goals similar to yours.

Template for an Acceptance Speech

Writing an acceptance speech doesn't have to be difficult, especially if you start with this fill-in template as a foundation on which to build. Open the template by clicking the image below. If the document doesn't open right away, use the tips in this guide for printables to troubleshoot.

After the document launches, click anywhere in the highlighted area to make text changes using your keyboard and mouse. You can change as much or as little of the wording as you like, being sure to fill in the areas between the brackets ([ ]), as they represent spots where you'll need to specify information relevant to your individual situation.

When you're finished customizing the document, use the toolbar commands to save, then print.

Acceptance Speech Writing Tips

Even though this template can give you a head start on writing your speech, the final document will have to be customized to your particular situation. Key tips to keep in mind include:

  • Before going to the award ceremony, find out if the winner will be expected to deliver a speech and ask how much time is allocated for the individual to speak. This will help you determine how long your remarks should be.
  • Be a gracious winner, acknowledging others who were nominated for the award (if you have access to that information) and saying thank you to the awarding organization and individuals who helped you along the way with whatever it is you are being recognized for.
  • Put careful thought into deciding who you need to acknowledge when delivering your remarks. It is much better to spend time up front making sure you include everyone rather than having to apologize for leaving someone out after the fact.
  • Avoid coming across as arrogant. Instead, be sure that you accept the award in a spirit of humility and gratitude.
  • End with a focus on the future, addressing what may come next for you as a result of experiencing the honor of receiving the award.

Accepting an Award With Style

Delivering a sincere, quality acceptance speech will guarantee you come across as a consummate professional who is both humble and accomplished. Practice your remarks carefully ahead of time, and take your notes with you so you have them to rely on when delivering your speech.

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Acceptance Speech Example