Business Relocation Letter

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If your business is moving to a new location, it's very important to notify customers, vendors and others who may need to visit or mail items to your office. Even if you have been conveying marketing-focused communication about the company's upcoming move, it's important to send out a formal notification of the address change before moving day.

Template to Announce Business Relocation

If you need a little help to figure out how to word a letter designed to let people know your company is relocating, the printable letter provided here is a great starting point. It is a basic fill-in template that you can easily customize to include details specific to your situation.

Click the image below to download the letter, then click anywhere in the editable PDF to make changes. Use the menu commands to save and print when you're ready. If you need assistance with the document, see this guide to printables.

Business Relocation Letter Template
Download a sample business relocation letter.

Relocation Notification Tips for Businesses

This type of letter should be sent to any person or organization your company does business with. This would include those who purchase from your company as well as the suppliers that you buy from. Creating the letter is important, but distribute it properly and follow-through with other key steps associated with relocating your operations.

  • Timing: It's important to time this type of letter correctly. If you send it too far in advance, people may update their records too soon and some of your mail may start going to the new location before you can receieve deliveries there. It is generally best to send this type of letter no more than two weeks in advance of your moving date. That will give recipients a bit of time to update their records prior to the transition without making a change too early.
  • Method: It is a good idea to mail this letter via the postal service, then follow-up with email notification a few days later.
  • Official address change: Even if you are notifying all customers and vendors of your new location, you also need to do an address change with the U.S. Postal Service, as well as FedEx and UPS (if applicable). This will help ensure that all information mailed to your old address is either forwarded or returned to the sender for adjustment on their ends.
  • Online update: Be sure to note the address change on your company's website, in a way that will be obvious to site visitors. Also update your business listing with Google, as well as any other online directories where your company's address may be published. This is particularly important if you have the type of company where customers frequently visit your location.
  • Signage: Since it's possible that customers, suppliers or others who did not make it on your notification list may attempt to visit your business in person, it's also advisable to leave a sign at the former location once you have moved.
  • Relocation flyers: If there is a new tenant, leaving a physical sign hanging up may not be possible. However, you could provide the front desk receptionist and/or other staff members at the new company with flyers that have your new address so they can hand them out to visitors that stop by looking for your firm.

Smooth Transition

Sending a well-written transition letter can go a long way toward ensuring that your company's move goes as smoothly as possible. Your customers and suppliers will appreciate the fact that you took the time to share this key information with them in a proactive manner!

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Business Relocation Letter