Common Job Titles for Business Administration Degree Graduates

Published June 29, 2018

Graduating from college with a degree in business administration opens a world of opportunities to you. The types of jobs that are available to you will vary based on the aspect of business you focused your studies on in college, though you aren't necessarily limited to careers specific to your area of specialty. Some positions may require specialized expertise, such as accountant positions, while others really just require a good knowledge of business overall.

Marketing-Related Jobs for Recent Graduates

Early-career jobs related to the marketing aspect of business include a wide variety of roles that may include positions in sales, advertising, digital media, and more. Examples of common entry-level marketing job titles that may be good fits for recent graduates include:

  • Account coordinator
  • Business development coordinator or specialist
  • Content creator or producer
  • Digital marketing coordinator or specialist
  • Event marketing coordinator or specialist
  • Event planner
  • Inbound marketing specialist
  • Marketing assistant, coordinator or specialist
  • Marketing research associate, coordinator, or specialist
  • Media assistant
  • Merchandising coordinator specialist
  • Public relations assistant, coordinator, or specialist
  • Social media coordinator or specialist
  • Sales associate, coordinator or representative
  • Telemarketer

Entry-Level Management Jobs

There are numerous opportunities for business school graduates with skills and interest in managing people and/or various business functions. Some companies even have special management training programs for recent business school graduates. Job titles often appropriate for those seeking an entry-level management position include:

  • Assistant administrator
  • Assistant manager
  • Management associate
  • Management trainee
  • Office manager
  • Program manager
  • Project coordinator or manager
  • Shift supervisor
  • Team leader/team lead

Early-Career Accounting Jobs

Business school graduates with a speciality in accounting are always in-demand. A degree in business administration with a specialty in accounting can prepare you for a wide variety of accounting-related positions. Examples of job titles for entry-level accounting jobs include:

  • Accounting assistant
  • Accounts payables coordinator
  • Accounts receivables coordinator
  • Auditor
  • Billing specialist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Budget analyst
  • Payroll coordinator
  • Staff accountant

Finance Positions for New Graduates

New graduates with business administration degrees and expertise in finance can be considered for a broad spectrum of career opportunities in the finance sector with a variety of employers. Finance roles that may be suitable for recent college graduates include:

  • Bank teller
  • Collections agent
  • Credit analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial services representative
  • Loan officer
  • Loan processor or reviewer
  • Income tax preparer or advisor
  • Personal banker
  • Proof operator (bank environment)

Human Resources Roles for Recent Business Graduates

If your business studies focused on human resources, consider applying for entry-level positions in the HR departments of fairly large organizations that have multi-person teams dedicated to this aspect of operations. HR job titles that are often suitable for recent graduates include:

  • Benefits coordinator or specialist
  • Human resources assistant
  • Human resources coordinator or specialist
  • Leave administrator
  • Recruiter
  • Staff development coordinator or specialist
  • Trainer

Job Search Options for New Graduates

When you're looking to break in to your first job (or first few jobs) post-graduation, consider reaching out the career services team at your college for assistance. The professionals in that department often have relationships with employers who are specifically looking to bring fresh talent at your career stage into their organizations. Their connections can be very beneficial to you, though (of course!) you should also be diligent in doing your own job search as well. Steps to consider include:

  • Follow key tips for using job search engines.
  • Search for opportunities on targeted company websites.
  • Build and utilize your professional network via LinkedIn, other social networking sites, and in-person.
  • Consider joining one or more professional organizations related to the type of work you are seeking to expand your network.
  • Consider working with a reputable staffing agency.

Everything you do to identify appropriate job opportunities increases your chances of finding a great job in the particular aspect of business administration that interests you.

A World of Business Career Opportunities

As a recent college graduate with a degree in business administration, a world of possibilities is available to you. No matter what happens in the economy, there will always be a need for educated, skilled business professionals. Arm yourself with a quality resume, master the art of filling out job applications, and continually strive to improve your interviewing skills. You'll be on your way to landing a terrific job to kick-start your career in the world of business administration!

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Common Job Titles for Business Administration Degree Graduates