Does Bed Bath and Beyond Take Expired Coupons?

Published April 6, 2018
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Customers have plenty of reasons to love Bed Bath & Beyond, from their incredible selection and great return policy to their excellent coupons. In fact, the retailer even accepts expired store coupons so you can save even if you let the coupon date pass you by.

They Accept Expired Store Coupons

According to a Bed Bath & Beyond representative, the popular home goods store does accept its store coupons even if they are expired. You can use up to 20 store coupons in one transaction as long as you are following the terms of the coupon (for example, one coupon per item).

Other Expired Coupons

When it comes to manufacturer and competitor coupons, however, make sure to watch those expiration dates. While Bed Bath & Beyond does accept both manufacturer and competitor coupons, they state on their website these must have a valid date and can't be used past the expiration date.

Key Coupon Policy Points

There are a few other things you'll want to keep in mind when shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  • You can keep track of all your coupons in the store's My Offers section. Online and mobile coupons will automatically expire, so those offers will not be available past the expiration date. You can upload paper coupons and use them online under My Offers as well.

  • While the store has a great price matching policy, it will not accept both a store coupon and a price match - only the one that represents the better deal. Manufacturer coupons, however, can be combined with price matching.

  • Watch for exclusions. There are a number of brands that are not eligible for coupons, so be aware of these when you are shopping. This include Kate Spade, Vera Wang, Britax, and a number of others. Customers should note there are also some online exclusions. See the full list of exclusions on the website.

Save at Bed Bath & Beyond

Since Bed Bath & Beyond will accept expired store coupons, it's worth it to hang on to them since you can use them even if you miss the expiration date. Keep track of any manufacturer or competitor coupons you'd like to use, however, since those will need to be current and not expired.

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Does Bed Bath and Beyond Take Expired Coupons?