Does Kroger Double Coupons?

Published March 28, 2018
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Saving money on groceries has never been easier thanks to the advent on internet coupons and more, but it can be tricky to navigate the ins and outs of stores' individual coupon policies. If you have a Kroger nearby, it's worth knowing just how their coupon acceptance works so you won't encounter any surprises at the checkout counter.

Kroger Accepts Coupons at Face Value

While in the past Kroger has allowed double coupons, their current policy only accepts at their face value. That means they do not offer double coupons (or double the amount of individual coupons). The amount shown in the coupon is the specific amount you can save of the product at this retailer. The good news? There are still plenty of ways serious couponers can still utilize coupons to their advantage at Kroger. As long as you understand their policy and keep in mind there are some limits and restrictions on your coupon use when you go shopping, you'll be ready to save.

Coupon Limits

The popular grocer offers the following limits:

  • You are able to use up to five of the same 'like' paper manufacturer coupons on products in the same transaction. This means if you have five coupons for Campbell's Soup, you can use the coupons off five cans (as long as you meet the specific type and weight on the coupon item's criteria).
  • There is a limit of one manufacturer coupon per item, either digital or paper. This means you can't use both types of coupons on the same product. (Keep in mind that you can still use online cash back offers from places like Ibotta, as those are not actually digital manufacturer coupons for money off the product, but cash back offers).
  • You can use the Kroger app and stack store-specific e-coupons with other manufacturer coupons. However, be careful you aren't trying to use a manufacturer coupon from the app with another manufacturer coupon as both will not be accepted.

Internet Coupons

When shopping with internet coupons you print at home, consider the following:

  • Like other coupons, internet coupons can only be used one coupon per item. Kroger reserves the right to limit internet coupons to two per customer in a single day.
  • Internet coupons for 'Free' items are permitted, as long as the specific purchase criteria is met.
  • Blurry, out-of-proportion, or coupons that appear damaged or altered will not be accepted. Those that will not scan are also not accepted.

Does Kroger Accept Competitor Coupons?

The positive news for savvy shoppers is Kroger does accept pharmacy competitor coupons. However, no other competitor coupons will be accepted. Since pharmacy coupons are often for higher amounts than other types of coupons, this can yield significant savings. However, shoppers should ensure they follow the guidelines for the competitor coupon, including whether a prescription transfer is required to redeem it.

Save Even More at Kroger

In addition to coupons, there are plenty of other ways that you can save money at Kroger. Shop their sales, which may feature money off when you buy certain items or a certain number of specified items (such as $5 off 5 select items), as well as a variety of discounts. Don't forget to check out seasonal sections where discontinued items and holiday goods can be drastically marked down and check out a Kroger-centric website like Kroger Krazy to get the latest deals.

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Does Kroger Double Coupons?