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Updated April 28, 2020
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A proposal letter is a type of business letter that would be used to introduce someone to your ideas. For example, it could be a sales letter promoting products or services to a prospective customer, a letter suggesting a new company program to your boss, or another type of proposal. To access these sample letters, just click the image to download, then place your cursor anywhere in the PDF to make changes. If you need help with the file, these tips may be helpful.

Example Sales Proposal Letter for Products

When you're ready to write your next product sales proposal letter, this example will help get you started. Simply change the details to match your particular offerings!

Sales Product proposal letter

Make sure your sales letter is addressed to a specific person (or job title if a name isn't possible). It should also include these elements:

  • An introduction that focuses on the core problem the customer is facing, which your product solves
  • A description of why you understand their concern and are in the perfect position to solve the problem
  • Benefits of your product
  • Three options to allow for comparison shopping and to decrease the chance your prospect will shop around for other deals
  • A specific date you plan to call to follow-up

Example Sales Proposal Letter for Services

When you are pitching a service, you will follow many of the same rules as a product letter, but there are a few key differences. Use this example letter for inspiration.

Service proposal letter

When writing a letter offering your services, be sure to:

  • Write a professional letter addressed to the individual or job title
  • Express that you know how hard it is to find good service and that you can help
  • Explain why your organization is uniquely qualified to fit the prospect's need
  • Three options (to give the prospect a feeling of 'buying' rather than 'being sold')
  • A specific date you will follow up

Proposal Letter for an Internal Project

Writing an internal proposal can seem just as intimidating as writing a sales letter to a client. Not only are you proposing something you think will be really impactful for your company, you also need to put your best foot forward for your boss. Update this example internal proposal with your project's details.

Internal proposal letter

Make sure your internal proposal includes:

  • The problem the company is having
  • How severe the problem is, preferably in terms of financial cost
  • The solution you are proposing
  • The resources required for your solution
  • The benefits of your solution

Example Sponsorship Proposal

For a sponsorship proposal, be sure to start from a place of gratitude. If the recipient has helped you in the past, say thank you. If not, make a general statement about how grateful you are for the community's strong support of your project to provide social proof that can help make your prospect more likely to commit. Use this sample sponsorship proposal letter as a guide.

Sponsorship proposal letter

A sponsorship proposal letter should include:

  • A statement of thanks for past support (if applicable)
  • A few facts that outline the positive impact of your event
  • Two or three options for sponsorship, with the benefits of each one
  • An assumptive statement thanking the recipient for his or her support
  • A day and time you will call them to answer any questions

Business Proposal for a Partnership

If you're looking to partner with another business that offers products or services that are complementary to your firm's offerings without being competitive, consider sending a letter like this one to begin discussions. Such a partnership can provide a great opportunity for both organizations.

Business Proposal Partnership Letter

A partnership proposal letter should include:

  • A general overview of why you are seeking to partner with the recipient
  • Information about how the potential partner could benefit from the partnership opportunity
  • A request to initiate an initial discussion with the potential partner
  • A call to action with a specific timeframe

Proposal Letters are a Powerful Sales Tool

Getting an actual letter in the mail is a rare experience these days because social media and email marketing have taken over. A properly written and formatted proposal letter can really stand out. Still, writing an effective sales letter is not an easy task. With these example proposal letters, you'll have a head start on persuasively making your case as a precursor to drafting a full, formal business proposal for consideration.

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Example Proposal Letters