Free Printable Church Newsletter Templates

Published April 21, 2020
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Make your church bulletin, program, or magazine stand out with a printable church newsletter template. From pastor articles to upcoming events, keep your congregation engaged and informed with a great church newsletter. Click on the image of your favorite newsletter to download, edit, and share. Use the troubleshooting guide if you need help accessing the church newsletter PDFs.

Weekly Church Newsletter Template

If your church is large and busy, a weekly church newsletter can help keep everyone informed in real time. This weekly church newsletter template sample features a blue and yellow color scheme with spots for pictures, two bulleted lists, and three short articles. Simply print off multiple pages and compile them to make a longer bulletin.

Weekly Church Newsletter

Email Church Newsletter Template

Keep your email church newsletter short and fun with this free template. It features a wine brown/maroon color scheme and crown of thorns with a cross graphic. You can add in a few important notes for a quick read.

Email Church Newsletter

Monthly Church Newsletter Template

Spread your message of light with a sunburst themed monthly church newsletter. The design includes room for two longer stories, several upcoming events, and a place to write in the month.

Monthly Church Newsletter

Quarterly Church Newsletter Template

If you prefer to create longer newsletters or send only a few newsletters per year, a quarterly church newsletter template is ideal. The template features four pages and a purple color scheme with doves. You'll be able to share tons of information in one organized format.

Quarterly church newsletter

Things to Include in a Church Newsletter

The content of your church newsletter will depend on the size of your congregation and who's creating the newsletter. Your membership will be most invested in reading the newsletter if it includes content that wasn't shared during a regular service and includes a variety of voices.

  • Contact information for the church and individuals from specific departments when necessary
  • Welcome message that includes your church's regular services or offerings
  • Message from the pastor, minister, or church leader
  • Photos of the church building, pastor, or recent events
  • Prayer requests
  • Volunteer opportunities or donation drives
  • Mission trip information
  • Favorite scriptures
  • Church needs
  • Brief program descriptions such as church choir, Sunday school, or a catering committee
  • Updates on past church events
  • Itinerary for the next service including songs and scripture passages
  • Upcoming church events such as church family nights
  • Food pantry hours and guidelines
Mature Woman's Hands Folding Newsletters

Tips for Creating Church Newsletters

Church administrators, preachers, or any church members can be in charge of creating a church newsletter. If you've been named editor, there are a few tips that can make your job much easier.

  • Try to keep paragraphs short and use bullet points whenever possible so it's easy to skim.
  • Using the same template on a regular basis creates a brand for your church. Members will recognize the look and grab a copy when they see one.
  • Even if you opt for email newsletters, keep a few printed copies handy for anyone who might not have computer access or be tech savvy.
  • Form a small team of people to help create and distribute the newsletters so it's not a burden for one person.
  • Take notes during sermons of highlighted scriptures, message themes, prayer requests, and events so you'll have them handy to add when you create the newsletter.
  • Invite the entire congregation to submit stories, op eds, comic strips, photos, and any other materials just as they could for a larger newspaper.

Spread Your Message in a Newsletter

When creating your church newsletter or church bulletin, keep in mind some church newsletter best practices like using inclusive and positive language. Only share things you want the whole congregation to know and never publish any personal information or photos without permission from featured people. A church newsletter gives you one more way outside of service hours to spread your message.

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Free Printable Church Newsletter Templates