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Arranging for kids to receive free fun and educational items by mail is a great way to bring smiles to their faces without having to spend any money. There are many sources of free items you can order, and your kids will have fun anticipating and receiving free stuff by mail!

Where to Find Current Free Offers for Kids

The availability and types of free items that children can receive by mail change frequently. As a result, it's very helpful to have a few websites that you can check to get updated information on what's available. Some great resources include:

  • Vonbeau: Vonbeau lists a variety of free offers for kids, some of which are through the mail. Offers include activity pages, giveaways at major chain stores, and photo books. The best thing about this site is that it lists the date each freebie was added to the list, so you know how recent the offer is.
  • Freaky Freddie's: Freaky Freddie's has a wide variety of current freebie lists, including one specifically for children. You can find safety kits, animal bookmarks, activity books, and information about free events at major chain stores.
  • Freeflys: Freeflys is a freebie site that requires you to register for a free account with your mailing address or Facebook connection to click through to free offers. However, you can find out about freebies and then use Google to access them directly if you prefer. You can find information about free samples, craft projects, birthday calls, coloring books, and more!

Coloring and Activity Packs

A number of organizations offer free coloring books and activity kits that are both educational and entertaining. Great options include:

  • EPA Activity Books: If you're interested in helping your child understand our impact on the environment, you'll love these free EPA Activity books. You can have them mailed to your child by clicking the postal service icon below the book.
  • Butterfly Garden Kit: Children are fascinated with nature, and getting them a free kit in the mail to start their own butterfly garden is a great way to encourage this interest.
  • PETA Kids: PETA has a variety of free offers available to help children learn about protecting animals, including stickers and comic books. The free offers are about halfway down the PETA Kids web page.
  • ENERGY STAR Publications: ENERGY STAR is interested in helping kids understand energy use and the environment. As a result, they have two free activity books available that your child can receive in the mail.

Free Magazines

Kids love thumbing through magazines! Publishers that offer free issues upon request include:

  • LEGO: If your child is between ages 5 and 9, they can receive a free two-year subscription to LEGO Jr. in the mail. The magazine is sent six times throughout the year and includes LEGO news, interviews, and fun projects to build.
  • PETA: Children love animals, and PETA is happy to send a free one-time Helping Animals Guide magazine.
  • Animal Wellness: If your child loves dogs and cats, they'll enjoy a free issue of the colorful Animal Wellness magazine.
  • Top Secret Adventures: Highlights Magazine will send you a free issue of its Top Secret Adventures magazine. This puzzle book will help your child learn geography in a fun and exciting way!

Personalized Freebies

Getting free magazines and activities is great, but children are even more excited when they get personalized mail. Check out these options:

  • NASA: Your child can get an autographed photo of an astronaut. Simply work with your child to write a letter to NASA headquarters to request a signed photo of their favorite astronaut.
  • Letter From the President: Your child can write to the president of the United States about any topic and receive a reply. Regardless of your political affiliation, it's pretty fun for your child to get a letter from someone so important!

  • Postcard from Disney characters
    Letter From a Disney Character: If your child loves Disney, they'll love getting mail from a Disney character even more. Your child can write to their favorite character and receive an autographed postcard in return. The staff tries to make sure the note is from the addressed character, but keep in mind this isn't always possible.

Making the Most of Kid-Focused Freebies

A few key tips to keep in mind when seeking mail-order free stuff for your kids include:

  • The best way to enjoy freebies through the mail for your children is to order quite a few all at once. Because these free offers take weeks and even months to arrive, if you order a lot today your child will receive mail frequently over the next several months.
  • Some organizations that provide free offers do use their mailing lists for marketing or sell them to direct mail companies. There are two ways to look at this. You can let your child receive 'junk mail,' look at it and enjoy it, and then toss it. Or, you can use initials or fake names for your children to avoid having their real information sold to advertisers.
  • Finally, take care to avoid freebie scams to be sure that any freebie offer you request is legitimate. Stick to well-known brands, agencies and organizations. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake freebie offers online that are only there to exploit your personal information.

Make Your Child's Day

When you order free items through the mail for your child, you'll be making their day twice - once when you tell them about the order, and once when the surprise finally comes in the mail! Plus, you'll be helping them learn the important lesson that not everything fun has to cost money.

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Find Free Stuff for Kids by Mail