Home Party and Direct Sales Business Opportunities

Updated December 9, 2019
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If you're looking for a home-based business opportunity that doesn't require a large start-up investment or strong e-commerce skills, home business party sales might be right for you. With direct sales companies, you can sell products from home via social media websites or home parties.

What Is a Party Sales Business?

Also known as direct sales or multi-level marketing (MLM), a home business party sales job includes selling products directly to your customers through small gatherings. A variety of different types of home-based party sales business opportunities exist. Several national and international direct sales organizations recruit independent sales representatives, frequently referred to as consultants, who primarily market their products through in-home parties.

  • As an independent direct sales consultant, you are a self-employed business owner who enjoys the freedom to work as much or as little as you want.
  • The cost to join depends on the company's policies.
  • The amount of money you earn is based on the company's commission structure and your volume of sales and/or recruiting activities.
  • Some people start party sales businesses as a hobby or resource for a second income, and others pursue their direct sales businesses on a full-time basis.

What Do Direct Sales Representatives Do?

The primary way for earning money through a home business party sales company is to schedule and conduct in-home parties. A key to success in this type of business is meeting new people who are interested in the types of products your company offers.

Beauty Product Party
  • New independent representatives typically ask their friends and family members to schedule initial parties, and book additional parties from party guests.
  • There are incentives for people to book parties, such as the opportunity to earn free and discounted products through hostess credit programs.
  • Consultants are also available to take individual catalog orders from new and returning customers.
  • Many companies make websites available to their consultants, which allows them to take and fill online orders.
  • Some companies ship individual orders directly to customers, and others require consultants to deliver or ship merchandise to their clients.
  • Independent representatives are also able to earn additional income by recruiting and training new independent representatives.
  • Repeat hostesses often become representatives, because they enjoy the products and can use the business to get discounted products for themselves.

List of Direct Sales Companies

There are different types of direct sales companies that cater to men, women, pets, and children. Some have been around for decades while others are relatively new. Most reputable companies will be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have a favorable rating, which you can check on the BBB website.

Top Direct Sales Companies With the Most Profits

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), direct sales companies had over $35 billion in retail sales in 2018. To find out which direct sales company, or home party business, is the most profitable, you can check out financial statistics. These two Top 10 lists were compiled by information provided by Direct Selling News (DSN) and Selling Power. DSN compares global sales while Selling Power focuses on American sales only.

Largest Profits Worldwide Larges Sales Force in America
1. Amway 1. Avon Products, Inc.
2. Avon Products, Inc. 2. Mary Kay
3. Herbalife Nutrition 3. Tupperware
4. Infinitus 4. Herbalife Nutrition
5. Vorwerk 5. Amway
6. Natura 6. Noevir USA
7. Nu Skin 7. Nu Skin
8. Coway 8. Arbonne International
9. Tupperware 9. Jafra Cosmetics
10. Young Living 10. Nature's Sunshine Products

Beauty and Health Home Party Businesses

Based on revenue and sales force size, it's clear that cosmetic and direct sales skincare lines like Avon are the most popular type of home party business.

friends applying make-up at home
  • Amway - makes and distributes their own nutrition, beauty, personal care, and home products
  • Arbonne International - a health and wellness brand with products that are all botanically based, which include Arbonne skin care and nutritional products
  • Avon - sells a variety of products including fragrances and jewelry for both men and women
  • Herbalife Nutrition - sells nutrition products that taste great and are backed by science like their meal replacement protein shakes
  • Infinitus - specializes in Chinese herbal health products
  • Natura - Brazilian cosmetics company that focuses on creating sustainable and innovative products
  • Nu Skin - focuses on cutting-edge anti-aging products
  • Mary Kay - products include cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances for both men and women
  • Jafra - based on ancient Egyptian beauty secrets, they sell skincare, fragrances, cosmetics, and bath and body products
  • Young Living - an aromatherapy home based business that sells essential oils along with beauty and home products featuring oils

Kitchen and Decor Home Party Businesses

From candle party companies to kitchen appliances and foods, these home party businesses have everything you need to cook, clean, or decorate your home.

Friends and instructor in a cooking workshop home party
  • Celebrating Home - products include framed art, glassware, and home fragrance products
  • Cutco - makes and sells kitchen cutlery, especially knives
  • Pampered Chef - products include a variety of cookware and baking dishes along with pantry staples
  • PartyLite Candles - features candles and flameless fragrance options
  • Princess House - from cutlery to blenders they sell all things kitchen
  • Scentsy - products are all about fragrances from bath and body products to oil diffusers, candles, and wax warmers
  • Tastefully Simple - features seasonings, sauces, and mixes that make cooking or baking easy
  • Tupperware - specializes in kitchen storage containers
  • Vorwerk - features home appliances like vacuums
  • Wine Shop at Home - a direct sales winery featuring exclusive, artisan wines

Fashion Home Party Businesses

Whether you want to start a purse party business or sell cute clothes and jewelry, fashion home party businesses can be like a private shopping experience.

  • Park Lane Jewelry - sells handcrafted jewelry for men and women
  • Premier Designs - features jewelry and accessories for men, women, children, and even pets
  • Thirty One - specializes in functional and fashionable bags, such as the popular Thirty One handbags, and travel accessories
  • Touchstone Crystal - exclusively features Swarovski crystal jewelry and beading parties where guests create their own jewelry

How Do I Choose the Right Home Business Company?

Before deciding to become a direct sales consultant, it's a good idea to research the different companies that interest you.

  • Contact the ones you find appealing and request information about starting a business.
  • Most direct sales companies provide information via email or online and also refer individuals to a local representative who can answer specific questions.
  • When speaking with a local company representative, you'll get a better idea of what working with that particular company is like in your area. Keep in mind that the person you're speaking with might be somewhat biased in favor of his or her own company.
  • When you have narrowed your selections to a few companies, ask the representatives of those companies if you can accompany them to one or more upcoming parties.

Questions to Ask a Home Party Company

Whether you're talking to a company executive or local representatives, you'll want to have some important questions ready to understand each company.

  • How long have you been with the company?
  • How many consultants are on your personal team?
  • What types of local training are available?
  • What are average party sales amounts for new and experienced consultants?
  • What types of recruiting incentives does the company offer?
  • What are the monthly or quarterly sales minimums?
  • Are consultants required to carry inventory?
  • What is the company's policy regarding customer returns?
  • Am I responsible for filing sales tax on the products I sell, or does the company take care of that for me?
  • Will I have to get a business license?
  • How much will it cost me to start my business?

Tips for Success in Home Business Party Sales

Success in any direct sales or network marketing business is tied to several factors. Many people make a great living in direct sales, but they do so because they work hard. Plenty of people do not succeed with these types of opportunities, for a variety of reasons. Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship, and direct sales is not for everyone. To be a successful consultant, you have to:

  • Believe in the products you sell
  • Be willing to ask people to book parties
  • Provide excellent customer service to your clients
  • Offer the business opportunity to other people
  • Provide your recruits with training and coaching on an ongoing basis

Work Hard for Your Money

It's important to remember that home business party sales opportunities aren't "get rich quick" schemes. They are business opportunities that work well for many people, particularly those who enjoy a challenge, like working with other people, and don't find themselves procrastinating without the structure of a set work schedule. As with any business venture, success in a home party business requires hard work and dedication.

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