Insurance Claim Withdrawal Letter Sample

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If you need to cancel a previously filed car insurance claim, it is best to communicate with your insurance company in writing. If you need assistance deciding what to say, consider using the sample letter provided here. You'll need to edit it with the specifics of your situation, but it's a good starting point.

Example Letter to Cancel Insurance Claim

Just click the letter below to see the full sample letter. It will open as a PDF that is fully editable, so you will be able to make changes using your mouse and keyboard, then save and print using the menu options. If you need assistance with the document, use this guide to printables.

Letter to Cancel Insurance Claim
Template to withdraw an insurance claim

Proofread your letter carefully before finalizing it to send. Be sure that you have the claim number and policy number listed correctly as errors with these key details can cause confusion and result in an unnecessary delay.

Initial Cancellation Request

When you are sure that you want to withdraw an insurance claim, advises that you reach out to your adjuster first to let him or her know what you want to do. You can do this via phone or email. Focus on the action that you want to take and ask what information the adjuster needs from you in order to move forward with withdrawing the claim.

While there may be a variety of reasons you might want to cancel an insurance claim, you should not focus your communication with the insurance adjuster on your rationale. recommends that you do not give the reason why you are withdrawing your claim unless the adjuster asks for it directly. Instead, concentrate on the action that you wish to take.

Following up in Writing

The adjuster may advise you to submit your request in writing as a result of your initial communication regarding withdrawing your claim. However, even if that specific request is not made, it is in your best interest to follow up with written verification of your request. The letter that you send should be dated and sent on the day of your conversation requesting cancellation.

Verification of Receipt

It is also advisable to reach out within a reasonable time of mailing the letter to verify that your request has been received and processed. You may even want to request a delivery receipt from the postal service so you have documentation regarding when the letter was received.

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Insurance Claim Withdrawal Letter Sample