Objective Statement for a Secretary Resume

Updated November 22, 2019
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When you are in search of a secretarial employment opportunity, your resume should include an objective statement that clearly communicates the type and level of job you are interested in. There are a few different approaches you can take, and it's important to choose one that best matches your background and goals. No matter which approach you take, make sure the statement you write fits the position for which you are applying.

Example Secretarial Resume Objectives

The objective you select should reflect your career level and goals while setting you apart from other applicants.

Objectives for a New Secretary

If you are looking for your first office administration role or you don't have a lot of experience in this area, your resume objective statement should focus on the skills that you have and your interest in working as a secretary. Those details can get you in the door for an entry-level position where you can build on your existing skill set.

  • "To obtain an entry-level secretarial position that requires knowledge of computer software, communication skills and organization abilities."
  • "Seeking an entry-level secretarial position that requires strong administrative support and computer operations skills."
  • "Seeking a school secretary position providing administrative and student support in an elementary school environment."
  • "To obtain a challenging administrative support position in an office environment performing a variety of secretarial tasks."
  • "To utilize strong computer software, office organization and clerical skills in an entry-level secretarial role."
  • "To obtain secretarial employment with a progressive company seeking an ambitious, dedicated early-career team member to grow in a career-oriented administrative support position."

The statement should clearly indicate that you are looking for an entry-level job and highlight skills you have that are relevant for the position. Focus on what you can offer the employer rather than what you hope to learn or gain.

Objectives for an Experienced Secretary

If you have current or previous secretarial experience, be sure to emphasize your background in your objective. It is also a good idea to mention key skills and, if relevant to a particular job, the type of environment in which you have worked.

  • "Seeking a secretarial position with a high degree of responsibility that requires experience providing administrative support in a manufacturing environment."
  • "To join the secretarial team of a progressive organization in a position that requires significant experience in a variety of administrative support roles."
  • "Seeking a secretarial position that utilizes skills and experience gained supporting high-level executives for ten years."
  • "To obtain a position working as an executive secretary that requires expertise and experience in finance, human resources, computer operations and office management."
  • "Seeking a secretarial opportunity that requires experience providing administrative support for attorneys in both a law firm and corporate legal department."

The point is to use a statement that highlights your impressive background and experience while conveying how you can contribute to the organization.

Creative Objectives for a Secretarial Resume

As with the other examples, be sure to highlight any experience, skills, or education you have to build your objective statement. The best way to make your objective statement more creative for your resume is to tailor it to a specific job, position, and company. Even something as simple as a new verb at the beginning of the statement can catch the eye.

  • "Looking for a secretarial position in your company because of its dynamic culture and dedication to employee education. Look no further than this secretarial candidate for organization, focus, and a perfect fit with [company name]."
  • "Focused employee that loves making the lives of coworkers easier and more efficient. Reliable secretarial candidate to handle all aspects of planning, implementation, follow-up, and other tasks as required."
  • "Searching for the ideal position in a company which needs a dedicated secretarial candidate that is always first to arrive in the office."
  • "Need a secretarial candidate to fill out a growing team? Trust this secretarial candidate to support business growth, implement thorough organizational systems, and be an asset to any office."
  • "Striving to become a more fulfilled administrative professional with a position at an admirable organization in the [company's industry name] industry."

A creative approach can help catch the eye of hiring managers. You can't stray too far from the tradition of objective statements, but you can make yourself stand out with your word choice.

Personalize Your Objective

The objective statement you include on your resume is as unique as you are, and it should also be tailored to each position you are interested in. This technique is a way to tell the person reviewing your resume what skills and abilities you bring to the workplace, the particular type of job you are interested in and where you are in your career. By tailoring your objective statement to each position you are applying for, you increase your chances of showing a prospective employer that you are a good match for their needs (and getting hired).

Crafting an Effective Resume

Following these tips for your resume objective can give you a head start on writing a winning resume that will make you stand out from other applicants. Once you have decided how to word your resume objective, you'll be ready to craft your resume and start applying for secretarial job opportunities. Use these blank resume forms or this Microsoft Word resume template to move forward. You may also find it beneficial to review a sample administrative assistant or office manager resume for inspiration.

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Objective Statement for a Secretary Resume