Sample 90-Day Performance Review Memos

Updated September 28, 2019
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Proper documentation is important for 90-day performance reviews, typically involving a performance evaluation form and a memo to the employee summarizing key points. Of course, it's also important to engage in a dialogue with the employee about his or her performance, as well as any questions or concerns that may need to be discussed.

90 Day Employee Performance Evaluation Memo Templates

Use the sample memos below as a starting point for inspiration, making adjustments as needed based on your company's policies and each individual employee's situation. Consider your wording carefully, using appropriate phrases for writing a performance review. Simply click the appropriate memo based on whether the employee's performance is satisfactory or if it is below expectations. Refer to this guide for printables if you need further assistance.

Example Memo for Positive Performance

If the employee you are reviewing has demonstrated performance that meets or exceeds expectations as of the 90-day mark, use this version of a three-month evaluation memo as a starting point.

Positive employee review memo - 90 days
Positive 90-day performance memo

Sample Memo for Below Expectations Performance

If you need to provide feedback to an employee whose performance is not yet where it needs to be, use this version, assuming the employee will be given additional time to improve. If not, you will instead need to follow your company's procedure for termination of employment based on performance. When using this memo, be sure to specify exactly what the employee needs to accomplish and in what timeframe, as well as the consequences for failing to do so. You'll also need to work with the employee to establish a performance improvement plan.

Below expectations performance memo
Below expectations performance memo

Common Employee Feedback Process

It's not unusual for companies to require managers to provide new hires with a formal performance review after the first 90 days of employment. While three-month reviews are common, some companies even conduct format reviews sooner - at the 30 or 60 day mark. This helps to ensure that managers are tuned in to how new hires are adjusting to their new role in the company. This process provides a powerful way to establish open, two-way communication between managers and employees early in the employment relationship. It also serves as a formal feedback method that allows for managers to clarify expectations so team members know exactly where they stand and why, as well as to help supervisors identify new hires who may not be in a role that is right for them. If you need additional assistance, review these sample completed employee evaluation forms.

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Sample 90-Day Performance Review Memos