Where to Play Yahtzee Online for Free With No Download

Published July 24, 2018
Row of dice

Among dice games, Yahtzee is a family favorite for everyone young and old. Not only can you play alone, but you can also play with your friends free online with a simple click of your mouse.


This online game was created by Einar Egilsson. The game allows you to play by the original American or UK rules, or you can choose to play by the Scandinavian Yatzy rules as well. This is a solitary game where you play against a computer or the computer-generated opponent, Bill. It's easy to start playing; you simply click the button and roll. The game works well on a PC and mobile phone. It is mainly for your own personal enjoyment and to kill some time. It doesn't have a leaderboard or registration.

Online Yahtzee game
Online Yahtzee


Pogo allows you several ways to play their games. You can register to save scores and earn bonuses, or you can just click the play button. Registration can be done with an email or link to your Facebook. Check out the two games they offer.

Traditional Yahtzee

In the traditional Yahtzee game, you have the option of playing in three different modes. The classic mode does not require registration, and you play alone. The tournament allows you to play with others online in a series of matches. The challenge mode is only available to Club Pogo members and has timed games that increase in difficulty.

Screenshot of Yahtzee game at pogo.com
Pogo Yahtzee game

Yahtzee Party

In the Yahtzee party, you also have the option of playing a game as a registered user or just starting a game. In this game, you can play with up to 15 other users and earn bonuses. You must play with everyone in the party, and the goal is to try to get the highest score. Registered users can also be added to a leader board and earn points for wins.

Screenshot of Yahtzee Party game
Yahtzee Party

Computer Requirements

In order to play the Pogo Yahtzee games, you will need to have an updated Adobe Flash player. Additionally, while the online game does work on cell phones, it does recommend you download the app for better playability.

Play Online Dice Games

This online game board is designed for dice games and allows you to play Yahtzee online against a computer. While you don't need to register to play the game, you have the option to register to save your scores. Playing is as easy as clicking the roll dice button after hitting play. Once you roll, you can choose the dice you want to keep through three rolls. The computer puts the different scores in the score card and allows you to pick the option you want to choose.

Yahtzee dice game at playonlinedicegames.com
Yahtzee dice game

Yahtzee Online

One of the simplest single user games, Yahtzee Online offers you the dice, rules, and score sheet. Playing the game does not require registration. Click the roll button to get started. Once you have the dice you want, choose the score you want, like three of a kind, and hit enter. This will set your score and allow you to roll again. This is a single player game without an opponent. You are simply trying to beat yourself.

Screenshot of Yahtzee game at yahtzeeonline.org
Yahtzee online game

Having Fun Online

Yahtzee is a universal dice game you can play online alone, with online friends, or against a computer. If you want to relax and play alone, most games will allow you to play without registering, but this means your scores will not be saved. Registering can open the door to additional features like leaderboards. With most games, you can typically register with your email or via Facebook.

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Where to Play Yahtzee Online for Free With No Download