Chanel Jewelry Knockoffs (and Where to Get Them)

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Fashionistas on a budget can revel in the look of Chanel without the cost. Chanel knockoff jewelry has been on the market almost as long as Chanel originals - and it's affordable, as well as timeless and chic.

Chanel Replica Jewelry

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco Chanel" was a legendary Parisian designer and founder of the House of Chanel. Although her clothing designs were elegant and severe (think "little black dress"), her jewelry style was bold, colorful, playful - and expensive. She mixed costume items (fake pearls) with gold and platinum, taking "costume" jewelry to a whole new level. She inspired women to pile on the gold, pearls, and gemstones, and her signature "interlocking Cs" jewelry is still copied to this day. Coco Chanel might have died in 1971, but her look is iconic and adored.

Chanel style is glamorous, refined, and evokes the ultimate symbol of status. Budget-conscious gals can easily flaunt Coco Chanel's classic jewelry looks with a few basic pieces. While original Chanel jewelry - costume or fine - usually begins at $800-$1,000 and goes up from there, replicas or knockoffs are available at many jewelry stores, so you can get the look without the cost.


Woman wearing pearl necklace
  • This Chanel-inspired faux pearl necklace from John Lewis is a clear nod to the famous fashion house. At about $35, it's a perfect piece of costume jewelry to layer up and add the finishing touch to a dressy outfit. It has a combination of faux pearls, silver-toned accents, and crystals that add interest while still remaining elegant.
  • The Charter Club triple-row simulated pearl necklace shown below is a similar and classic-looking Chanel-inspired design. It is available for around $50 and has elegant simulated pearls with a mixed metal setting. Its 15-inch length is sophisticated and eye-catching.


Pearl bracelet
  • Another of Chanel's signature jewelry looks is a yellow gold chain bracelet featuring a variety of dangling motifs, such as the open flower bud. This Anne Klein goldtone version is about $125 from QVC and would create interest when paired with a simplistic outfit. It has a variety of intricate charms that include an oval locket, a leaf, and an AK logo finished with sparkling Swarovski crystals. Some of the charms are also embellished with faux pearls to add the sophisticated style.
  • Chanel is also known for their layered pearl bracelets, to match their signature necklaces, that emulated the 1920s art deco era. This Nadri double layered faux pearl version from Nordstrom is about $70 and adds a touch of class to the proceedings. Designed with two rows of glass pearls, it is also adorned with hand-set crystal accents and finished with a fold-over clasp.


Women Girls Long Drop Pearl Dangle Earrings Cute Ear Wire Earrings Wedding Party Earrings
  • Coco Chanel's first collection was inspired by stars and comets, and these star cluster gold tone earrings from Emitations echo the heavens for only about $8. Each earring has three stars, encrusted with clusters of rhinestones, for a look that's out of this world. They are about one inch in size and are made of gold tone zinc alloy for pierced ears.
  • As well as pearl-based necklaces and earrings, the Chanel brand is renowned for their pearl dangle earrings. These long pearl dangle earrings cost only about seven dollars, come in gold tone, and put that extra bit of sparkle on any outfit. They feature imitation pearls at the end of the earrings.


ADINAS JEWELS, Cubic Zirconia Baguette Signet Ring
  • Sovereign-style chunky rings with the Chanel logo as an emblem are one of the fashion house's most iconic jewelry styles. At about $40, this Jules Smith 14 karat gold-plated version from Nordstrom allows a faceted sparkler take center stage, and is great as an everyday jewelry piece. The style is at once simple yet striking and it comes in ring sizes five through eight.
  • In addition to Chanel's signature gold bracelets featuring colorful gemstone motifs, rings in the same style have been extremely popular since conception. At around $70, this cubic zirconia ring from Nordstrom has plenty of classic style. The large ring is eye-catching and creates a look that is playful but still elegant.


Filigree Flower Brooch
  • Pearls were a popular option as a brooch. This faux pearl brooch from Fabulous Brooch costs only about $6 and comes in three styles: white with silver plating, charcoal with silver plating, and white with gold plating. In addition to the pretty faux pearls, the brooch is also with single and flower-shaped crystal clusters throughout the design.
  • Chanel was famous for her luxury brooches, and you can find this black and white open flower bud lookalike version from Anne Fontaine for around $200. Made from enamel and crystal, it looks extremely elegant when placed on a classic tailored wool coat or jacket.

Handmade and Vintage Stores

Orange stone and Swarovski bracelet by RebekaJewelry on Etsy

Handmade and vintage stores online are full of independent jewelry designers selling one-off or limited edition pieces. Etsy, in particular, has a harem of Chanel-inspired jewelry knockoffs that are available to purchase at discounted prices.

  • Another of Chanel's signature jewelry looks is a gold chain bracelet featuring colorful gemstone motifs, such as the open flower bud. You may find these at Etsy shops, such as this 24-karat gold plated knockoff version with orange stones. This style is about $99 and would brighten up any outfit - regardless of the color palette.
  • Etsy also features other Chanel-inspired pieces and occasionally some vintage Chanel pieces that have been re-purposed. This golden strap and leather pattern ring is a design inspired by Chanel and is done in a pretty style that can be worn as an everyday accent or for a special occasion and is available for about $20. It is also adjustable.

Secondhand and Thrift Stores

Scouring secondhand and thrift stores is a great way to score some knockoff (or perhaps real!) Chanel jewelry while gaining inspiration. If vintage stores make you sneeze, plan a swap meet or flea market run on weekends for some local Chanel-inspired shopping fun. When scouring through vendor's goods, remember to keep an open mind and trust your fashion instincts.

DIY Jewelry Inspired by Chanel

Finding the perfect jewelry that echoes the look of Chanel designs can take a little digging. Crafty fashionistas have another option as well: DIY jewelry inspired by Chanel designs. Many crafters and jewelry makers online offer tutorials to help you create your very own inspired-by pieces. Check out the following for ideas:

  • DIY Chanel-Inspired Chunky Bracelet: Available from the Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters blog, this pretty, fun, and simple bracelet can be created in about 20 minutes. It is designed with twisted faux pearls and you only need three items to create it.
  • Chanel-Inspired Bracelet with Rhinestone Clasp: A slightly more complicated faux pearl bracelet style, this one from Dream a Little Bigger uses faux glass pearls, jump rings, and an elegant rhinestone clasp to create a style that's just as gorgeous as a real Chanel design.
  • Easy Chanel-Inspired Button Earrings: Glitter 'n Glued blogger Miss Kris shows off how easy it is to create a Chanel-look, including simple DIY earrings made from buttons and standard earring backings.
  • Faux Pearl Necklace: Starting with a ready-made chain makes this necklace simple. Attach large faux pearl beads to the front of the necklace with pins and small silver bead accents for a pretty romantic look that you can wear with practically anything. Another modern option is the two-pearl Chanel-inspired necklace shown in the video below.

Get the Look With Chanel-Inspired Jewelry

When buying any type of knockoff design, make sure the item is as similar to the designer's look as you'd like. The last thing you want to do is find a style you love, only to discover it was never a signature design. When in doubt, do your research first.

Style Tips

Once you've found a replica you love, you need to style it up so that it looks like the real deal.

  • Keep it simple. Remember to go easy when wearing your Chanel inspired goods. Don't layer too many status pieces at once, keep the look minimal and indulge in a major investment piece for inarguable believability, such as a dangle charm bracelet or double C glitz logo earrings.
  • Wear it with wardrobe staples. While Chanel-inspired jewelry can help you achieve the status look you love, take this style one step further by implementing some classic clothing pieces into your wardrobe. Wear your new found jewels with wardrobe staples, such as simple black sheaths, black wool trousers, opaque tights and pointed toe ballet flats, for a look that epitomizes luxury.
  • Accessorize appropriately. Invest in the ever popular houndstooth patterned blazer in a black and white check to set off your gold link sunglasses while packing a serious Chanel punch. Fill in your lips with some siren red lipstick and spritz some Chanel No. 5 on your wrists - and voila! Tres Chic.
    classic style

Stylish and Affordable Jewelry

Shopping for Chanel designer jewelry knockoffs can be lots of fun, as half the pleasure is certainly the hunt. Frugal shoppers can search for Chanel inspired necklaces, earrings, and bracelets without breaking the bank. As long as you develop a keen eye for the fashion diva's style mark, recreating the look is easy - and undoubtedly stylish.

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Chanel Jewelry Knockoffs (and Where to Get Them)